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    main products

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    contact us

    • Contact Person:manager Yin
    • TEL:86-538-8530287 8155068
    • FAX:86-538-8530287 8155068
    • EMAIL:taiyinzhisi@163.com
    • ADD:Mata,Tai'an Shandong CHINA
    • Url:http://www.intwaydonbass.com/
    Green healthy choice
    company profile
        Taian Taiyin Silk Co. Ltd is located in the south of Mount Tai--Dawenkou Gypsum Industrial Park. Taiyin is a high-tech private company which acquires export authorization on silk and relevant products from the Ministry of Commerce. The main products are mulberry silk, twisted silk, crepe satin plain and spun silk yarn, etc. with specifications of 17/19D, 20/22D, 27/29D and so on. The q...
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