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At the upcoming Control show, visitors will be able to discover Metrologic Group’s expertise with an immersive experience in its “end-to-end” 3D metrology software with many interactive demonstrations with different technologies and inspection devices.

Presentations will highlight the ability of Metrologic Group’s software suite to virtually program and get the most out of all types of 3D measurement devices and technologies, including the most complex point clouds. In short, how Metrologic Group can be the best partner for any industrial manufacturer to take off in intelligent 3D measurement.

Focus on measurement monitoring

Metrologic Group’s new X4 i-Monitor is a web-based application that offers simultaneous monitoring of the utilization rate of 3D metrology machines, providing the operator with relevant information with which he can better plan and increase productivity.

The app allows operators to track key performance indicators of the measuring machine in real time, providing operators with data on time in use, idle time or time spent correcting errors. Results can be viewed on a dashboard, some of which are presented as graphs, providing a full picture of the metrics at a glance.

“i-Monitor will be a useful addition to X4 users, as operators will have access to data 24/7 and will be able to view the dashboard remotely, eliminating the need to be in front of the machine“says Vincent Doux, product manager at Metrologic Group.

Mix real and virtual 3D inspection

Metrologic’s X4 i-Holo, combining real and virtual 3D inspection, is now available with Microsoft HoloLens 2. X4 i-Holo offers an immersive experience with mixed reality inspection with Microsoft HoloLens 2 and the X4 i-Holo app.

X4 i-Holo provides an easy to use and simple collaborative tool (voice commands, gestures) with an interactive human interface. Metrolog X4 sends data to the HoloLens 2 in real time, enabling immediate, on-site detection of major defects and rapid response planning for collaborative manufacturing or technical review of the real part.

Two distinct scenarios addressed by X4 i-Holo

Survey Assistance: When using an arm or laser tracker, X4 i-Holo assists the user by displaying measurement instructions, digital readout, counters and measurement guides (in especially when using the Build & Inspect tools), as well as the results.

Analysis of results: just look at the feature to display its associated sticker, as well as overlay the color mapping on the real part to observe discrepancies at a glance in real time or to review collaborative meetings.

The X4 i-Holo can be used for manual measurement, with operator guidance, to report real-time results analysis on the measured part.

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