Android 13 Pixel update reported software bugs –

Last week, Google said the September update for Android 13 Pixel will start rolling out on Tuesday, September 6. The update reported numerous issues, including one that caused Pixel phones to overheat and drain their batteries. Since this was an issue yours truly was experiencing, we were eagerly waiting for the update to arrive.

There are five updates in the initial post-launch update, including battery and charging, biometrics, Bluetooth, and user interface.

A major issue being fixed is how the Android 13 Pixel update disrupted wireless charging on several smartphones, including the Pixel 4. Google is also fixing launcher-related power consumption and Bluetooth connectivity issues. . Finally, notifications on the lock screen should no longer be truncated.

Battery charge

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused high battery consumption due to certain launcher background activities.
Fixed an issue that prevented wireless charging mode from activating under certain circumstances.

Improvements to fingerprint recognition and reaction in specific situations.

Fixed an issue that periodically prevented certain Bluetooth devices or accessories from connecting to the UI

User interface
Fixed an issue that sometimes caused notifications to appear truncated on the lock screen.

Although Google said the update will be released in phases, it’s unclear when that will happen. Go to Settings > System > System update to check if you got the update. We have remained empty so far. Far more intriguing is the Android 13 QPR1 beta, which eligible Pixel owners can sign up for. The QPR, or Quarterly Platform Release, is also known as the Quarterly Pixel Feature Drop and updates your Pixel phone with new features.

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