Are you launching a new software platform? Try these 7 tests first. Hashtag Trending – Weekend Edition

Our topic today is the launch of a new software platform. This is the dream of many entrepreneurs. It’s also big business for established businesses. There’s a lot at stake. There’s a lot of hopes and dreams attached to this. It can make or break a business….

You work madly. You sleep at the office. You live on pizza. You put your heart and soul into it and more…

Then comes the big day…

Unfortunately, a lot of software launches aren’t quite what we’d hope….

But hope is not a strategy. And with all of that in play, we have to make sure we’re really ready…

Our guest today is Ethen Drower, co-founder and operating partner of CiteMed, which is revolutionizing the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) process.

Ethan educates others on the fundamentals of a successful software product launch, tips for budding entrepreneurs, and more.

Ethan is here to talk about what he learned about software launches and he boiled it down to 7 key tests:

  • Market validation and test of interest
  • Rapid deployment
  • Ability to scale your infrastructure
  • Use comments
  • Quality assurance
  • Security
  • And my favorite – The “MVP Shame Test”

Check out the podcast to hear our discussion of the 7 tests.

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