Arm Accelerates Device Development to Unlock the Potential of IoT


State-of-the-art computing should be the next trillion dollar market, but some challenges still need to be overcome, such as those related to the development lifecycle on IoT devices.

Computer chip design company Arm Ltd. Kicks off the process to accelerate development times for IoT applications and products with its new approach to solution-based IoT design. Arm total solutions for IoT is a unique solution that will lay the foundation for a new IoT economy, according to Mohamed awad (photo), Vice President of IoT Business Line and Embedded at Arm.

“You can have all of this massive innovation that can be triggered by all these developers that didn’t have access to these devices before, and you can also take all these on-board devices, on-board developers and make them so much more efficient with these new, modern devices. . , modern development methodologies, ”he said. “A combination of these two things will not only reduce the cost of development, but it will spur a massive amount of new innovation and all new products and services.”

Awad spoke with Dave Vellante, host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s live streaming studio, for CUBE digital conversation. They discussed the promising trends in IoT, as well as how Arm’s new approach will play a central and transformative role in this market.

Reduce product design cycle times

The IoT market has made great strides in recent years. Beginning with installing microcontrollers in everyday devices, the industry has moved quickly towards solving interconnectivity and intelligence issues, and now they want to derive value from them. The plethora of diverse devices, use cases, and platforms make this a daunting task.

“Industry needs to figure out how to derive intelligence from the smallest sensor to the largest cloud data center, and that means local intelligence, it means regional intelligence, and it means global intelligence,” Awad said. “The potential is huge, but the challenge is also quite huge. “

This is where Arm’s new approach comes in. A key element is the Arm virtual hardware, which provides a virtual representation of devices in the cloud for widespread developer use, enabling software development without the need for physical silicon. It brings modern agile software development methodologies, such as continuous integration / deployment, DevOps and MLOps for IoT and embedded platforms, without requiring investment in complex hardware farms.

“What we are doing here with Arm Total Solutions is that we are reducing those five years [of product design cycle] up to three years, which allows us to significantly accelerate the time to market, ”said Awad.

Allow parallel development

Another fundamental aspect of Arm Total solutions for IoT is the Centauri project, which is a set of application programming interfaces that aims to facilitate the scaling of software and services on different hardware platforms. . Most IoT applications are designed to run on specific platforms, so developers often have to rewrite a lot of code for the same software to run on an alternate product. That’s a lot of extra work that Arm says the Centauri Project will take away.

“[It] establishes a set of standards, reference software, and specifications regarding things like security and how devices should communicate with the operating system or cloud service providers, which helps software developers to achieve a level of reuse and exploitation, ”explained Awad.

Arm’s announcement ultimately promises to bring IoT closer to standardized development tools, which previously fueled the explosion of smartphone applications. The idea is to enable hardware and software development in parallel, not serial, and then enable the use of software development practices such as continuous integration and continuous deployment.

“Not only are we paralleling them, but we are activating what I will call a modern development methodology,” Awad concluded.

Here is the full video interview, one of many CUBE Conversations by SiliconANGLE and theCUBE.

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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