AWS Cloud WAN, a New Managed WAN Service, Now in Preview

Recently at re: Invent 2021 AWS announced the preview release of a new networking service, AWS Cloud WAN. With this managed wide area network (WAN) service, customers can create, manage, and monitor a global network that connects resources running in your cloud and on-premises environments.

When the network is extended globally and there is a mix of various technologies, the complexity for businesses to manage this increases. Therefore, AWS now provides Cloud WAN as an overall managed service to reduce this complexity. With this networking service, businesses can now choose how they want to reach AWS, whether through VPN, Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), or landlines. In addition, they can connect their on-premise data centers and branch offices to AWS Global Backbone Network.

David Brown, vice president of Amazon EC2 at AWS, said in a Press release on the WAN Cloud:

With AWS Cloud WAN, customers can simplify the way they manage a WAN by using a central dashboard to unify the multiple networks they manage today, enforce network policies for performance and security, add easily locations and automate advanced network settings. AWS Cloud WAN eliminates the hassle of assembling and managing multiple third-party tools so that customers can now more easily keep their networks connected, secure and performing.


With AWS Cloud WAN, the company also integrates with various other partners providing SD-WAN services such as Aruba, VMWare, and Cisco. JL Valente, vice president of product management, enterprise routing, and SD-WAN at Cisco, said in the same press release:

To help our customers not only meet the demands of a hybrid workforce, but also deliver true end-to-end connectivity and security, Cisco has integrated Cisco SD-WAN with the AWS Cloud WAN service so that Customers can use automation to interconnect their cloud users, sites, and workloads, reduce deployment time, and increase application performance with the AWS global cloud network.

AWS is not the only public cloud provider to offer a managed WAN service. Earlier, Google released a preview of Network Connectivity Center as a new network connectivity management service in Google Cloud. Additionally, Microsoft introduced a similar service over a year earlier to update the Azure Virtual WAN Center. Finally, content delivery network (CDN) and domain name system (DNS) providers Cloudflare also offer similar transport services such as Cloudflare One.

Craig matsumoto, a senior analyst at 451 Research, said in a Tweeter:

AWS is becoming more of an enterprise network provider. Compare with Cloudflare, which is able to provide your business WAN and is increasingly becoming a cloud provider. Both use their own backbones for part of this service.

AWS Cloud WAN is currently available in ten AWS regions in public preview, and pricing details can be found on the price page. More information about the service is available on the Documentation and Faq pages.

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