Beware of Haunting Online Loan Funds Haunted

This online loan is tempting, especially when you need fast funds in a practical way. But do not let the tantalizing thing, making you lazy to compare the Loan product. Because there are so many things to compare, the amount of installments, interest, penalties, etc. Do not let your thumb because you are lazy to move, regret will haunt you.

Now you must be more selective in choosing an online loan provider. Because now many moneylenders are literate in the ease of technology. Not the convenience to do good but to trap into the vortex of the loan sharks notes. Do not get caught up with the dirty tricks of loan sharks in trapping you to apply for debt to them.

Be careful just not enough if you do not know the signs of loan sharks online funds. What are you waiting for, first identify online loan sharks with the following characteristics:

Ignoring Requirements


Many people who are already pressured by debt then ignore the requirements to borrow funds online. It sounds like good news from heaven that says that the conditions for online loan funds are only one, namely KTP.

Wait a minute, don’t be happy first. Try to think clearly, the requirements offered by banks can be more than one, such as NPWP, salary slip, permanent assignment letter, credit card, and credit history. Of course, the bank has its own reasons which are certainly very logical, namely for protection or our own sense of security in the event of default on the road.

Well, if anyone offers requirements with just one KTP, get ready for bad credit risk that can increase interest, aka your debt.

Low-Interest Deception

Low-Interest Deception

Have you ever heard the seduction of high-class con artists? Little difference with a loan shark who seduces potential victims with low interest, which is only 1% per day. Sometimes this is very interesting if the mind is not clear because of debt problems that poison your mind. But it’s not as interesting as you think, right, let’s count it.

Mr. Roy borrowed an online fund of USD. 30,000,000 for his wife’s operating costs, interest per day of 1%, which was due in 30 days. What is the interest charged by Mr. Roy and the total loan amount that must be paid when due?


Loan value: IDR 3,000,000

Interest per day flat: 1%

Maximum tenor: 30 days (1 month)

Monthly interest: 30% x IDR 3,000,000 = IDR 900,000

Total loan + interest: = IDR 3,000,000 + IDR 900,000 = IDR 3,900,000

KTA loan with DBS Bank

Ibu Rina has a debt of USD. 30,000,000 and plans to borrow a KTA from DBS bank with an interest of 0.99% with a two-year payment term. How much interest is charged by Ms. Rina and the amount of money that must be paid for 2 years?


Loan value: IDR 30,000,000

Interest per month flat: 0.99%

Tenor: 24 months (2 years)

Interest for 2 years: 23.76% x IDR 30,000,000 = IDR 7,128,000

Total loan + interest = IDR 37,128,000

How to explain the difference? Indeed, the KTA product from the bank imposes administrative costs, but it is in line with the interest given. Try to compare, online moneylenders who charge 30% per month while the bank is only 23.76% for two years.

Not Open Especially Transparent


This loan shark is very friendly at the beginning of meetings with potential victims. He gave a beautiful smile, a package with 1000 sweet seduction promises in the form of “low interest, ma’am …” or “direct liquid loans, sir …” and others for the sake of attracting potential victims into the notebook of the loan sharks.

But after getting a victim, the loan shark turns into a mysterious figure and becomes often terrorizing when you are late to repay his debt installments. He is not open about the count of all funds he has received and is not transparent to the data calculation of the debt book you requested.

Can Disappear at will

It’s terrible to deal with someone who can suddenly disappear like a ghost. His name is also moneylenders whose operations are unclear in the eyes of the laws and laws of the country. He easily disappears and comes suddenly when the victim is affected by the problem in paying installments.

But be calm, that regret will not come if you pay attention that the online loan is registered or not at the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This is very important for you to know because OJK under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance is our field supervisor.

So, if you are hit by bad credit or have a problem during KTA payment, there will be articles or penalties that are all listed in the Constitution which can then be processed into the realm of law.

Food Fence Plant

It’s horrible, using the mode by claiming to be a close friend when you just met a loan shark. But when it comes to problems, the payment is just a little direct in terror whenever and wherever. His intention was to help as a friend, instead, he was trapped in a crocodile pit.

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