British space software company Bright Ascension launches partner program

Bright Ascension is launching a partner program. Photo: Luminous Ascension

luminous ascent, a UK space software company, is seeing strong interest in the recently launched partner program which will target both software and hardware technology providers to support its ongoing product expansion phase. Bright Ascension revealed details about the program on October 10. The program is designed to provide collaboration and create multiple new avenues for commercial space businesses around the world to generate additional revenue streams through Bright Ascension’s suite of products.

The program is currently undergoing an extensive product development phase to create the next generation satellite software infrastructure and a complete end-to-end software solution for the provision of space services. The suite of products spanning software from early stages of development, validation and operation through to data analysis and service delivery will greatly expand the opportunities for collaboration offered by the partner program.

“We are delighted to see our partnership program take off. We are now able to announce that we are ironing out terms and conditions with a few partners globally, but we are also discussing many other potential collaboration opportunities that are still in the early days of negotiations. It’s amazing to see space technology companies participating in both existing opportunities and the suite of products in development that reflects our vision for the satellite software of tomorrow,” Bright Ascension CEO Peter Mendham said in a statement. .

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