CNCF Launches Cloud Native Network Functions Certification Program

New CNF Test Suite-Based Program Will Enable CSPs and Telecom Organizations to Adopt Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Tools with Confidence

VALENCIA, Spain, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EuropeThe Cloud Native Computing® Foundation (CNCF®), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud-native software, today announced the Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Certification Program. The CNF Certification Program will help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and other telecommunications organizations identify Network Equipment Vendors (NEPs) that follow cloud-native best practices.

CNFs are applications that implement or facilitate network functionality natively in the cloud. CSPs and other telecommunications organizations are moving away from traditional Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) to CNFs and Kubernetes-based infrastructures that deliver service reliability while reducing CAPEX and encouraging the cross-cloud compatibility. The program will allow NEPs and CNF creators to demonstrate the adoption of cloud native best practices in their networking products.

“Migration to cloud-native infrastructures has long been difficult for telecom providers who have moved to VNFs and found themselves with siled resources and specialized solutions not built for the cloud,” said Priyanka Sharma, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “The CNF Certification Program is designed to fill this gap by creating solutions optimized for cloud-native environments. Some of the world’s largest telecommunications organizations, including Huawei, nokia, T-Mobileand Vodafoneare already using Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies, and this program will make it easier for others to do the same.”

The CNF certification program runs on the CNCF CNF test suite and supports any product that runs in a certified Kubernetes environment. The CNF Test Suite is an open-source test suite for telcos to validate how well they follow cloud-native principles and best practices, like immutable infrastructure and declarative APIs. It is based on 10 projects hosted by the CNCF and several open source tools, including Fluentd, Helm, Jaeger and Prometheus. Currently, the CNF test suite can run around 70 workload tests, which are segmented into seven different categories, including:

  • Compatibility, installability and scalability
  • micro service
  • State
  • Reliability, resilience and availability
  • Observability & Diagnostics
  • Security
  • Configuration

To startNEP and CNF creators can self-verify an application using the CNF test suite and submit the results via pull request. Organizations that may not be ready to submit their results can still start with the CNF test suite and use it to improve the “cloud nature” of their products. CNFs who successfully complete CNF certification will be considered “certified”, with more advanced levels coming as the program grows.

To learn more about the CNF certification program or get involved in CNCF’s Telco initiatives:

  • Read the recent press release from the CNCF Blog“Test cloud-native best practices with the CNF test suite”
  • Join the conversation on Soft (#cnf-certification, #cnf-testsuite-dev)
  • Assist CNF Test Suite Contributor call Thursday at 14:15 UTC
  • Join CNF working group meet on Mondays at 16:00 GMT

Supporting quotes:

“Building, deploying, and operating Telco workloads in distributed cloud environments is complex,” said Tom Kivlin, Principal Cloud Architect at Vodafone. “It is important to adopt cloud native best practices as we scale to achieve our goals of agility, automation and optimization. CNF certification is a great tool with which we can measure and drive cloud practices native to our platforms and network functions. We look forward to working with our partners and the CNCF community to grow and drive adoption of the CNF Certification Program.”

“F5 enthusiastically supports the CNCF certification program by promoting consistent performance, quality and rigor as CSPs modernize their application, networking and security infrastructures to deliver superior digital experiences,” said Ahmed. Guetari, vice president of product for service providers at F5. “NCCF certification efforts provide valuable validation, producing best practices for improving critical vendor interoperability and encouraging additional momentum around CNF deployments.”

“MATRIXX is delighted to participate in the CNCF CNF certification program. We believe it will help help the telecommunications industry adopt cloud-native technologies and best practices by harnessing the power of open source innovation and community collaboration,” said Mark Price, CTO, MATRIXX Software. “To realize the full potential of 5G, service providers are moving to CNFs, although telecommunications networks present new and unique challenges that require continued evolution of cloud-native best practices. cloud-native solutions while ensuring that customers can implement these tools with confidence.”

“ is thrilled to be part of the CNCF initiative to showcase what cloud native computing should strive to be for telecommunications organizations,” said Miroslav Mikluš, CPO of PANTHEON. tech. “We are excited to demonstrate our expertise in cloud-native networking functions by being one of the pioneering solutions to try out for CNF certification. Open source values ​​and cloud-native best practices are at the core of what we do, and we are happy to be part of the CNCF’s efforts to move them forward.”

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