Company Launched to Provide Patch Testing Software for the Beauty Industry | Yorkshire Business News

Ruth Sullivan

A South Yorkshire company has been launched to provide patch testing software for the beauty industry.

Founded by Doncaster-based beauty enthusiast Ruth Sullivan, good to glo has created a simplified digital patch testing process for beauty salons and customers, designed to eliminate the need for customers to frequently undergo the same test in different lounges and remove the obstacle when booking. last minute appointment.

The platform will offer a patch testing passport through a network of good to glo salons as well as scientifically backed training to help beauty professionals.

Partnering with chemist Dr Mike Stephenson, Sullivan has secured £120,000 in funding from a group of private investors as well as £12,500 in grants from Doncaster Council and has plans for the team after launch.

Ruth Sullivan said: “We were really keen to create something that benefits and protects both salons and customers – a standard digital way of logging, storing and updating records is what was missing in the It’s taken time to make sure everything is accurate, legally compliant and brand specific, pros will be able to follow each manufacturer’s instructions to be on the safe side – the team are excited to start sharing this that we created.

“Customers will be able to download the app while salons and beauty professionals will have access to software to save, view and update records as well as an additional dashboard for next-level scientific training via the good to glo portal on our website.”

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