Company rewards employees with Rs 1-crore car for commitment

With accelerated digital adoption across industries, the information technology (IT) industry was unaffected during the COVID-19 pandemic and, in fact, offered good compensation to its employees. A company in the sector again shows the financial resilience of the industry, where some employees have been awarded expensive BMW cars for their “loyalty and commitment”.

Chennai-based software-as-a-service company Kissflow Inc has donated BMW 530d cars, worth over Rs 1 crore each, to five of its senior executives to “honor their loyalty and commitment”, according to a PTI report.

Company CEO Suresh Sambandam said, “The five employees have been with the company since its inception and helped the company ‘dig for gold’ during the pandemic… Some of the employees came from humble backgrounds and had faced significant challenges before joining the company. “

He also told PTI that the company faces many hurdles as it tries to navigate the difficult business environment of the pandemic and that some investors have even raised doubts about the smooth running of the company in the future. the time.

Employees weren’t told about the car handover ceremony until hours before the event. The five cars drove one by one and were lined up parallel with the respective families of the five members.

“The cars are for those five people who were with me when I dug 100ft for gold (Kissflow set up while others left the organization half way),” Sambandam added.

The company has now become a fully-fledged private company, he said.

In a Business World report, Suresh Sambandam said, “There is no sick leave or casual leave here unlike other companies. It’s just a holiday for them. If they don’t want to come to work, they can work from home. There is no attendance system like the biometric system and everything…we know our employees,” he said.

The BMW Navy Blue Series 5 cars were presented to the recipients – Director of Products Dinesh Varadharajan, Director (Product Management) Kausikram Krishnasayee, Director Vivek Madurai, Director Adhi Ramanathan and Vice President Prasanna Rajendran – during an event held to mark the company’s 10th anniversary on Friday.

Krishnasayee told PTI: “It’s a pleasant surprise for me. I thought we were going to have lunch or dinner with everyone. I did not expect that.”

Company CEO Suresh Sambandam said, “These are the five people who stayed with me in the trenches. Without them, Kissflow wouldn’t be where it is today, and that’s a tiny token of appreciation. I’m happy to see them enjoying it with their families.”

He said some of the recipients came from modest backgrounds and faced various challenges before joining his company.

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