DI Council Approves Temporary Sports Sponsorship Waiver Process

The Strategic Vision and Planning Committee will have the authority to review potential waivers of athletic sponsorship requirements for Division I members, the Division I Board decided Wednesday.

The Board has approved a temporary waiver process for the remainder of the sports seasons this school year. This gives the Strategic Vision and Planning Committee the authority to consider waivers, before the end of the seasons, to the minimum competition, participant and schedule requirements for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are encouraged by the number of teams that have been able to meet the sports sponsorship requirement this year, but recognize the need for a temporary waiver process for the few teams that have had unforeseen circumstances related to the pandemic. that have impacted their athletic sponsorship requirements,” said Shane Lyons, Division I Board Chairman and West Virginia Athletic Director.

Modernization track

The Division I Council introduced four recruiting proposals into the modernization legislative track.

The proposals would be:

  • Amend the student-athlete status trigger to align with the approach allowed by waivers for the past two academic years in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • An individual would remain a prospective student-athlete until they sign a National Letter of Intent or the school’s written offer of admission and/or financial aid or the school receives the financial deposit of the individual in response to their offer of admission and complete all high school graduation requirements or all academic transfer eligibility requirements.
  • A person would revert to potential student-athlete status if they did not attend classes at the start of the first full-time regular school term after meeting all high school graduation requirements or academic transfer eligibility.
  • Specify that a school must not provide more than two consecutive nights of accommodation to a prospective student-athlete in conjunction with an official visit.
  • Eliminate the limitation on the number of official visits a potential student-athlete can make.
  • Clarify that in sports other than basketball, contact cannot be made with a prospective student-athlete during the time of day when classes are in session at their school.

The earliest the Board would vote on these proposals would be at its April meeting.

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