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We have seen the headlines of people quitting their jobs. Early retirement, change in activity due to the effects of COVID-19, childcare challenges, living off savings and benefits, desire for a different career, or other reasons. Employers try to entice employees with signing bonuses, pay raises, benefits, and workplace improvements.

According to the US Department of Labor, “the number of quits increased in November to a high of 4.5 million (+370,000). The quit rate rose to 3%, matching the series high in September. »

Information from the NM Department of Workforce Solutions shows New Mexico’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.2% in November 2021. In November, New Mexico’s labor force continued its downward trend over the month to 951,526 due to worker abandonment. .

This means that there are job opportunities. Thinking about a new career but don’t know where to start? NM Workforce Solutions has a website that identifies in-demand industries with resources to help job seekers and businesses. The information provided here comes from the website. Go to the website to find more information on available jobs, training and education needed/available to enter the field and succeed, and financial resources for training and education.

Industries in demand

Health care

No surprise here; we read daily about the need for healthcare workers. This industry is expected to include the most new jobs in New Mexico over the next 10 years. Health care workplaces include hospitals, doctors’ offices, home care organizations, and nursing homes. If you are considering a career in healthcare, many jobs require good math and science skills. Jobs in this industry include a wide variety of educational backgrounds, ranging from medical degrees to jobs that require less than four years of college education. Apprenticeships are available for the Medical Coder and Registered Nurse Resident.

Hospitality and leisure

As the second-largest industry in New Mexico, the opportunities are plentiful – from front-to-back-of-the-house jobs to entry-level and management openings for any type of training. Career paths are available in restaurants, attractions, accommodations, venues, and travel-related services.

New Mexico has a program that reimburses employers for up to 16 weeks of training.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

People in STEM careers use scientific, technological, engineering and/or mathematical processes to perform research and solve problems. Employers likely to hire skilled STEM workers include engineering companies; federal, state and local government; scientific research societies; colleges and universities; and medical device manufacturers. Many STEM careers require at least an associate degree or higher. Apprenticeship programs include Instrument Control Electrician, Machinist, Mechanical Measurements, MPS Active Ceramics, and Neutron Generator Electromechanical Component.

Computer science

Information technology industry workers develop the software and hardware and help us use the tools. As organizations and individuals grapple with the threats and consequences of data theft, they need information security analysts. The types of organizations most likely to employ computer scientists include custom computer programming companies, computer systems design companies, corporate and regional management offices, software publishers, and processing and distribution companies. data hosting. Apprenticeship programs include Application Developer, IT Support Specialist, Cybersecurity Support Technician, and Network Support Technician.


Look around to see commercial and residential buildings under construction or restoration and renovation work. Construction covers a range of jobs, including architects, civil engineers and qualified or licensed personnel. Employment includes private business as well as government. This field offers one of the largest apprenticeship programs: Bricklayer or Block Mason, Cement Mason, Electrician, Floor Slater, Heavy Equipment Operator, Laborer, Plasterer, Roofer, Sprinkler Installer, Carpenter, Applicator drywall, elevator builder, glazier, ironworker, painter, plumbers and pipe fitters, sheet metal workers.


Most occupations in education and training require at least a bachelor’s degree, and many professionals in post-secondary education hold a doctorate or professional degree. Occupations with the most new jobs over the next 10 years are likely to include elementary, preschool and middle school teachers. Teachers of health specialties at the college level rank first for the highest estimated percentage increase in jobs.

(In the December 19, 2021 issue of the Albuquerque Journal, I wrote about the opportunities available in education and the resources for entering the education field.)

Training and education

New Mexicans are fortunate to have programs available throughout the state. has information about training and education offered at colleges and universities for these in-demand occupations.

Financial aid also provides information on resources to help pay for necessary training and education. Federal and state funding opportunities, including grants; Scholarships; GI Bill for service members, veterans and their dependents; service loan programs; and loan repayment programs for high-demand career fields. Availability and specifics vary by career field. If you are thinking about financial obstacles, this is a good start to finding help. Employers may also have funds available to support career advancement.

Jobs are available. Employers are looking for the right person to hire. If a new career is a goal for 2022, now is the time.


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