Doom Eternal upgrade for PS5 has glaring issue



Blowing yourself up in Doom Eternal looks a lot better.

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Doom Eternal amplified metal last year by adding more enemies and horrific weapons and increasing blood. On Tuesday, developer Id Software released Update 6, which brought the 2020 game into the next gen for those who have PS5 or Xbox series consoles. The update adds graphics options for HDR 10, ray tracing, and the ability to run at 120 fps.

However, PlayStation owners who downloaded the free upgrade found a glaring problem – they couldn’t transfer their save data from their PS4. Die-hard fans of the Doom series who have played Doom Eternal for hours on their PS4 will need to start over if they upgrade to the PS5 version.

Why this omission for the owners of PS5 and not of Xbox Series? Id Software states that the transfer function is only available at the later stage of production of the PS5 upgrade.

“It was too late for us to make this change,” said Billy Zhan, senior engine programmer at Id Software. “We have the battle mode elements that we transfer into the profiles, how would you handle the trophies and things … but the API (application programming interface) just wasn’t available in our production run for take full advantage of it. ”

Sony released the backup data transfer feature with its recent PS5 SDK, which Zhan said was too late in the process.

PS4 to PS5 save data transfers have been an issue with some games. Yakuza: Like a Dragon developer RGG Studio said last September that his game would not have the backup data transfer function when the PS5 upgrade was released, it was in March. Final Fantasy VII remake Players had to start the PS4 version of the game, download the final version they wanted to the cloud, and then start the PS5 version of the game to download the save data.

Xbox Series gamers, on the other hand, can quickly upgrade to an upgraded version of the game with Xbox One save data without additional work through the Smart Delivery feature.

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the backup data transfer issue.

As for when this issue will be fixed in Doom Eternal, the Id Software team had no deadline, but they are investigating the issue and hope to have an answer soon.

“We want the experience to be the best on all platforms,” said Marty Stratton, executive producer at Id Software. “We would definitely include it in an update, for as long as possible.”

On Friday, Stratton provided an update regarding a multiplayer mode introduced last year called Invasion Mode, which would allow players to invade others’ games to play like demons. He said the team has redirected their attention to a single player horde mode and will have more information at QuakeCon next month.


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