ECS Wins $49 Million Army Network Transformation Contract

John Heneghan, ECS

ECS was awarded a 5-year contract with the US Army worth $49 million to support its network transformation strategy.

“We look forward to partnering with the Army to modernize and strengthen its tactical networks. ECS currently supports the deployment of the Army Endpoint Security Solutions (AESS) program, integrating, testing, accrediting and fielding solutions that protect up to 800,000 endpoints,” said John Heneghan, President of ECS.

“This wealth of experience will help inform our low-risk methodology in support of the Army Network Transformation Initiative.”

The Army’s Network Transformation Strategy aims to provide units around the world with an easy-to-use, mobile and hardened tactical network. Under this contract, ECS will provide software licensing, engineering, training, and laboratory services to support the security software product lifecycle.

“With this contract award, ECS has the opportunity to help the Army achieve multiple mission objectives while advancing the broader strategy of transforming its tactical networks,” said Mark Maglin, vice president of the department. defense cybersecurity at ECS.

“With our experience in providing SSEA for the enterprise, we are ready to leverage our expertise in software engineering and cybersecurity disciplines to help the military achieve a unified network, increased visibility and improved cybersecurity posture.”

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