Electric aircraft company Lilium partners with Palantir

An electric jet start-up, Lilium, has teamed up with software giant Palantir to showcase what they believe is the future of mobility.

Over the past decade, the number of companies looking to bring personal electric planes to the masses has exploded. One such company is Lilium, but it is unique in its use of electric jet propulsion instead of traditional propeller technology. In their effort to introduce this electric personal jet, they have teamed up with software giant Palantir.

Lilium’s jet offering is a far cry from today’s private jets. The aircraft is 100% electric and uses electric turbines instead of propellers which are more common with other electric prototypes currently in testing. Additionally, the jet differentiates itself in its design goals from other private jet offerings. The company not only aims for fast and sustainable transportation, but hopes the electric jet can be affordable.

The two companies commented on the crucial partnership in the video they released a month ago. Palantir will help Lilium with the software associated with its complex vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet, and Palantir is fortunate to be working with a company that believes it is in the infancy of future mobility.

Palantir is far from the only partner of the young electric jet company. Lilium has teamed up with other big names; ABB, Lufthansa, Honeywell and NetJets, to name a few. In total, the Lilium website lists twelve partner companies.

Readers should recognize that personal electric jets are far from ready. Lilium and many other companies are still working with the FAA in the US and EASA in Europe to establish legal standards for this upcoming technology. Many of these companies also hope to allow those without a pilot’s license to fly, which will require even more regulatory work. Not to mention the physical infrastructure needed to allow this air transport to operate.

Still, with so many big names behind Lilium’s project, it’s hard to be pessimistic. And perhaps the question we should all be asking is not if air travel is coming to the masses, but when.

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Electric aircraft company Lilium partners with Palantir

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