EXCLUSIVE: Zoned Properties partners with Zoneomics and launches software solution for the cannabis industry

Zoned Properties Inc ZDPY possesses associates with real estate zoning experts at Zoneomics launches REZONE – a zoning and mapping software solution focused on democratizing real estate information for the regulated cannabis industry.

The initial beta launch on April 20 announced exclusively at Benzinga Conference on the Cannabis Capital in Miami, opens the door for users to access and explore the platform as the Zoned Properties and Zoneomics teams navigate additional features and outcome goals based on user-driven needs.

Of the society Chairman and CEO Bryan McLaren revealed the news while being interviewed by Benzinga’s Javier Hasse.

Users of the REZONE platform will include cannabis professionals, commercial real estate service professionals, landlords and investors, municipal regulators, and stakeholders needing to navigate complex real estate information related to the regulated cannabis industry.

How it works

The Commercial Real Estate PropTech Platform allows users to search parcels or entire markets and view available green zone parcels, identify potential setback issues, and gain other valuable information based on local zoning codes. The main goal is to help users easily enter cannabis-related real estate information.

The platform is built on the foundation of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that can intelligently collect, rationalize and categorize vast streams of real estate data layers, with a focus on cannabis-related data. This data is then provided to users in a ready-to-use format.

And after?

The company said it believes that The platform has the ability to attract tens of thousands of users very quickly and has the potential to create a 10x annual revenue potential based on the platform’s initial capital investment.

Zoned Properties has invested $90,000 to work with Zoneomics on the launch of this first beta version of the REZONE platform.

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Photo: Courtesy of Tim Foster on Unsplash

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