HR needs to rethink its structure, says McLean & Company

McLean & Company argues that there is no single HR structure because no two HR functions are identical. The firm recommends that HR operations be structured in such a way as to enable the function to operate effectively and efficiently. The design of an HR structure is complicated and often does not produce the expected results. A poorly structured HR function impacts the entire organization as it can lead to bottlenecks and delays in meeting customer needs or a mismatch between priority HR capabilities and resource allocation HR.

A well-designed HR structure enables organizational performance. McLean & Company’s 2022 Trends Database suggests that only 37% of non-HR professionals believe their HR team is a partner in planning and executing organizational strategy. When organizational goals change, there is a need to revisit the HR structure to align with new strategies and needs to ensure that the design of the structure is up to date and future proof. McLean & Company research also notes that 63% of HR professionals reviewed the structure of the HR department in response to changes from 2020 to 2021.

In the new blueprint, the McLean & Company framework models a three-step process that aligns the HR structure and HR functional capabilities with the organization’s and business line’s strategic goals. The master plan is for HR leaders to align the HR structure with strategy, define delivery characteristics, and create an effective overall structure. This type of approach will allow HR managers to:

  • Invest time to identify how the HR function enables a unique organizational strategy.
  • Optimize HR to ensure resources are allocated where they will have the greatest impact and do not create conflict between sub-functions.
  • Prepare for iteration. Designing an HR function is an iterative process that requires reassessing previous design decisions to ensure they are still appropriate.
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