Improve Your Business Growth With These Best Big Data Companies

by Analytics Insight

April 24, 2022

Take a look at the top big data companies that can be valuable to your business

There is no doubt that big data analytics rules the world. The Big Data industry itself is the epitome of swirling change. New companies, new products, new approaches and methodologies – change is a constant. Big data companies are in high demand in the global technology market for their effective data management skills with data analysis and visualization. Several big data companies are delivering a new kind of big data innovation through unprecedented customization and efficiency at scale. On that note, here is the list of top 10 big data companies that can be valuable to your business.

Stylish Microweb

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Creation: 1996

Area of ​​intervention: Business intelligence, mobile applications, web development and big data

Sector: IT and Services


Elegant Microweb is a leading big data company focused on business intelligence, augmented analytics, ETL and data warehousing, and predictive analytics. It is known for providing multiple software services such as software product development, software application development, IT staff augmentation and offshore services, and software quality testing. The mission is to support all aspects of a business and other activities through data literacy. This big data company offers a customer-centric approach for software publishers, web agencies, large and medium enterprises and start-ups.

Focaloid Technologies

Headquarters: Newark, USA

Creation: 2012

Field of intervention: RPA, Big Data, Web development, cloud and mobile development

Sector: IT services, healthcare, education, real estate, marine and shipping, manufacturing and e-commerce


Focaloid Technologies delivers the power of enterprise data by helping organizations organize, analyze, and generate meaningful insights from enterprise data. It offers end-to-end data analysis and business intelligence expertise to make data-driven decisions. This big data company is recognized for its expertise in data integration and ETL, data analysis, data visualization and business intelligence. The total amount of financing from Focaloid Technologies reached 500,000 USD. He has also developed a virtual voice assistant for children for playful interaction with voice commands. The team practices Agile and DevOps development methodologies to eliminate risk and develop software applications.


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Creation: 2014

Focus Area: Big Data, Supply Chain Visibility, Cloud Computing and Smart Devices

Sector: Logistics and supply chain


FourKites is known as the world’s fastest growing predictive supply chain platform providing real-time visibility and execution for all types of businesses. The team believes that leveraging real-time data will make the ecosystem of the platform and the organization. Data always guarantees in-depth insights to generate revenue. It helps transform supply chain data to reduce fines and inventory to keep facilities running efficiently. The big data company uses machine learning algorithms to provide greater accuracy.


Headquarters: New York, USA

Creation: 1997

Area of ​​interest:

Sector: IT and Services, Health, Automotive, Distribution, Telecom, Aeronautics and many others


Genpact transforms real-time data into business intelligence through insight analysis and machine learning. This big data company relies on data engineering and master data management to create databases for clients. It helps to develop AI and analytics modules with clients’ business functions. The analytics service enables augmented intelligence with different types of structured and unstructured data to turn into meaningful insights. The skills of the team are combined with big data analytics and predictive analytics. It offers state-of-the-art solutions such as Data Foundation, AI and Analytics Hubs, Supply Chain Analytics, and Cora Financial Analytics.


Headquarters: Mountain View, USA

Creation: 1998

Focus area: big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software development

Sector: Internet


Google cloud big data focuses on building a big data architecture on GCP. Google’s cloud platform offers several services to support big data storage and analysis. It’s important to have a high-performance SQL-compatible engine called BigQuery. GCP is well known for providing Big Data Services, Data Flows, Data Processes, Data Fusion, Composer, Pub or Sub, Bigtable, Data Catalog and many more for complete a cloud-based Big Data infrastructure. Google also offers a reference architecture with more than 1 lakh events per second where the architecture is based on Google BigQuery.

HDData systems

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Focus Area: Big Data, Data Management and AI

Sector: IT and Services


HData Systems provides deeper understanding of real-time data and end-to-end services, from implementation to in-depth insights into the digital transformation journey. Data science consulting and analytics solutions leverage predictive analytics to reduce customer pain points. He has a customer-centric approach to efficiently transform real-time data into insights. It does not require restructuring the database and setting up a new data warehouse to interact with the data. The big data company offers a wide range of services such as data science consulting, AI and machine learning, data analysis, data migration, data visualization, data warehouse , DevOps, Elastcsearch solutions, predictive analytics and video analytics.

Hyperlink Information System

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Creation: 2011

Area of ​​intervention: Big Data, augmented reality, virtual reality, application development, blockchain and AI

Sector: IT and Services, Health, Education, Media and Entertainment, Logistics, Industry, Sports, Foodtech, and Banking and Finance.


Hyperlink Infosystem is known as the leading application development company in the US and India and the best IT software solution provider. It is focused on customer-centric development and agile development with effective data backups as well as data protection. The big data company offers services such as data forecasting, data analytics, IoT dashboards with analytics, and many more. It relies on improvised technologies and dynamic solutions to improve productivity and deliver in-depth insights effectively and efficiently.

HP Company

Headquarters: Spring, USA

Creation: 2015

Focus Area: Big Data, Data Management and Cloud Computing

Sector: IT and services, manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, SMEs, media and entertainment, and public sector


HP Enterprise or Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of the leading big data companies to help organizations realize the potential of real-time data in this data driven world. Holistic approaches to data provide flexibility and the ability to scale with the right expertise. It provides HPE Financial Services, HPW PointNext Services, HPE Education Services and many more. He is well known for offering HPE Greenlake for Big Data to deliver faster business results with an as-a-service model. Greenlake helps maximize Big Data results with reduced deployment cost and effective and efficient Hadoop environment management.


Headquarters: Santa Clara, USA

Creation: 2011

Area of ​​intervention: Apache, Big Data, analytics and risk management

Sector: IT and services, financial services, manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications, retail, public sector, healthcare, education, energy and utilities


The Hortonworks Data Platform is known as an open-source framework for the distributed storage and processing of large, multi-source datasets. It is popular for helping organizations get deep insights from different types of structured and unstructured data with multiple features. HPD 3.0 focuses on new use cases for high-performance deep learning and machine learning applications. Organizations can enjoy several benefits, such as higher revenue generation, improved customer experience, and budget-friendly approaches.

HPCC systems

Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia

Creation: 2011

Focus Area: Big Data and Data Management

Sector: IT and Services


HPCC Systems is a leading big data company providing a complete data lake platform to effectively and efficiently combine different varieties of real-time data. It is open source, free and easy for organizations to learn in record time. Organizations can enjoy the benefits of HPCC systems, such as an open-source data lake platform, real-time and streaming data ingestion, scalable to petabytes of data, and many more. The end-to-end data lake management solution contributes to efficient data management with flexible information delivery.

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