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Join the conference on Java and software innovation! JAX London takes place from October 3 to 6, 2022.

Can’t make it to London? Carefree. JAX London takes place in a hybrid concept, so you can attend both onsite in London or remotely, wherever you are. Join the conference from your home or office and stream all sessions and workshops live, network with other like-minded developers, contact speakers with questions, and learn all about the latest Java technology.

Create. Innovate. Coded.

JAX London provided valuable, hands-on know-how on the world’s most popular programming language. Learn from top experts how to make your Java projects a success.

Learn all about Enterprise Java, Spring, Microservices, DevOps, and the Cloud. Discover how technological innovations can be integrated into global contexts to build sustainable and scalable IT systems.

Find out what’s happening with current trends like JavaScript, machine learning, and serverless. Implement new ideas and innovations in your projects by bringing home best practices.

The Early Bird is ending soon

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JAX London Program Tracks

Check out the following themed tracks at JAX London. Discover the full program.

Java Core and JVM languages

Good old Java is still revolutionizing the software world. The programming landscape continues to change and evolve as fast as ever and this year will be even better. This track explores everything in the ever-changing Java ecosystem.

Agility & Culture

Agile methodologies in software engineering have been introduced into the mainstream. They are the reason teams are so much more powerful, but with the solutions come new challenges that require creative solutions. At the same time, the agile virus is infecting more and more departments of digitally-oriented organizations – its reach has gone beyond software engineering and is now found in a plethora of industries. Do you know what it means to create an agile corporate culture and promote agile values? Get a helping hand to become fully agile.

Software architecture and design

Building software is difficult. Especially now that we are turning to new paradigms such as the cloud, serverless architectures or highly available and resilient systems. In the Software Architecture and Design stream, you will learn how to meet today’s technology challenges and better understand the do’s and don’ts, the ups and downs of modern software architecture. Caution: Since good software architecture relies on working communication, there will be soft skills in this track.


How to plan for modularity, which models to apply, which framework to use, and finally, how to keep evolving. The clearly significant advantage of architecture with composable pieces can be understood with a visit to JAX London.

Cloud, Kubernetes and Serverless

Application developers have entered a new era with the advent of cloud technology. After decades of isolation, it is now vital for developers to integrate the relevant architectural frameworks such as containers, cloud platforms and go serverless into modern technology infrastructure. New tools are added to the developer’s toolkit every day, from deployment and security to monitoring and management. This track is all about these new platforms and tools, and is suitable for the experienced Java developer and software architect.

DevOps and continuous delivery

The transformative power of DevOps stems from the fact that it occurs simultaneously at the technological, procedural, and cultural level. The alignment of business, development and operations drives extraordinary new heights of high performance and agility. Discover in depth the lessons learned from the pioneers of the DevOps movement!

Data and machine learning

Big Data was once a pipe dream, but over the years we have learned to store and process large amounts of unstructured data in different types of data stores (NoSQL). Now we dive into the world of tools that help make sense of that data. Machine learning frameworks help generate meaningful value from a multitude of chaotic signals. Speech and visual recognition are becoming more and more important day by day. Voice-based chatbots and smart interactions are the next big thing. Enter the new world of smart tools and frameworks for machine learning and artificial intelligence, suitable for the busy Java developer.

See you in London!

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