Learn the most popular skills for software developers for just $25

A career in software development and data visualization requires a wide range of skills. Theoretically, you could acquire them on your own through trial and error. But your time could be better spent with a set of dedicated teachers.

The Ultimate Big Data 2022 Certification Pack can teach you the basics of Python, Raspberry Pi, and additional skills that you can master with practice. For a limited time, this set is on sale for $24.99 (usually $2,000).

Learn Python and more

The Ultimate Big Data Certification Pack is divided into 10 courses (all rated between 4 and 4.9/5 stars), each worth $200. This high list price is because you get complex skills wrapped up in accessible instruction.

Instead of teaching you Python or cluster analysisyou will learn and practice in in-depth lessons taught by experts.

Python is still the #1 coding language in the world – and its popularity is only growing. That’s why so many of the courses in this pack deal with it. There is a lot to learn!

You can start with “Intro to Coding with Python Turtle” if you’ve never written Python. Once you master basic programming, you can start using Python for specific functions like game design or creating photo filters.

Panda Masters, NumPy and Raspberry Pi

Beyond Python, you will have the chance to learn panda, Numpy and Raspberry pie.

The pandas library will help you clean and visualize data. (This course also aims to give you an understanding of basic statistics.)

NumPy is actually its own addendum to Python, but it’s important to pay special attention to it. The NumPy Python library gives you a huge set of functions, arrays, and matrices to use in machine learning.

A Raspberry Pi is just a small, easily modified computer that you can code and use for a ton of different things. After learning all about it, you can use Raspberry Pi to create a small game cabinet or build a camera.

Save on Ultimate Big Data 2022 Certification Bundle

Get started with coding The Ultimate Big Data 2022 Certification Pack. It’s on sale now for just $24.99, a 98% off its regular price of $2,000.

Prices subject to change.

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