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Elyria, Ohio – Bendix announces the release of its powerful fifth-generation SafetyDirect processor (SDP5 Full) on Volvo VNL, VNR and VHD models from Volvo Trucks North America. The SDP5 Full processor – offering new capabilities for Bendix SafetyDirect Platform – enables features not previously available, including a digital video recorder (DVR) that continuously records up to 145 hours of streaming video from Bendix’s front-facing camera, a new high-definition color-oriented camera to the driver and an internal backup battery to help prevent data loss.

Using a more powerful processor and software, SDP5 Full technology is the latest step in the evolution of SafetyDirect’s technology roadmap to provide fleets with more valuable information and options to improve the safety of vehicles, drivers and roads.

SafetyDirect is fully integrated with Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA), the comprehensive driver assistance system that utilizes Bendix’s flagship crash mitigation technology, Bendix Wingman Fusion. At the end of 2020, Volvo Trucks launched the SDP5 Base processor on its Volvo VNL, VNR and VHD vehicles, with Wi-Fi connectivity and a DVR with lower storage capacity. The SDP5 Base processor remains a factory installed option with the introduction of the SDP5 Full option.

“Fleets have long looked to Volvo Trucks with safety at the forefront, and Bendix is ​​a proud partner of Volvo when it comes to helping equip its vehicles and drivers with the most advanced safety systems on the market. the road, ”said TJ Thomas, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions – Controls. “With this new generation of SafetyDirect technology, we are delivering features that are at the top of fleet feedback lists on how we could make these systems even more effective in supporting their drivers and keeping their vehicles safe. ”

More actionable information and data preservation

Bendix notes that the DVR feature dramatically increases the amount of information available to fleets.

“Launched at Volvo Trucks in 2020, the SDP5 â„¢ Base processor can continuously record up to 83 hours of video, while the new SDP5 Full version increases this capacity by 70%, to 145 hours, with the addition of footage from the Bendix pilot. -Facing Camera, helping fleet managers better assess what’s going on both in front of and inside a vehicle, ”said Hans Molin, director of connectivity at Bendix. “Previously, SafetyDirect video recordings only used the VADA (Wingman Fusion â„¢) front camera, and recording was limited to seconds immediately before and after the event. And a DVR helps fleet operators see even more of the circumstances leading up to or following an event.

The SDP5 Full processor collects relevant data on triggered serious events and current driving through the VADA camera, the driver-facing Bendix camera and the vehicle’s J1939 CAN bus.

Molin also noted that in the past, low impact events may not have triggered SafetyDirect video recording, which meant fleets had less information to analyze events. With the new SDP5 Full processing system, video will be accessible regardless of the severity of an event.

The SDP5 Full option is also equipped with an internal backup battery to prevent data loss in the event of a vehicle power failure. This battery can power the SDP5 Full processor for up to five minutes while data and video recordings are backed up internally. The relay of current data and video to the SafetyDirect server will continue throughout the five minute window as long as the transmit channel remains active.

Access to the DVR video will also be possible on the truck side when Bendix launches the SafetyDirect Mobile app, which will allow the user to connect to the system using Wi-Fi connectivity to a mobile device. Additionally, with the click of a button, they can upload DVR footage to the SafetyDirect web portal for other authorized users and fleet managers to view.

Tools and technologies for the future

“Volvo trucks equipped with SafetyDirect SDP5 technology give fleets even better tools to assess driving trends and develop targeted driver training that addresses real issues on the road,” said Ashley Murickan, Product Marketing Manager , Volvo Trucks North America. “With customizable dashboards, classification of events based on specific needs, and information that can be tailored to the particular safety requirements of a fleet, this is a system that we are happy to offer to our customers, and which continues Volvo Trucks’ quest for safer roads for all. . “

The driver-facing Bendix camera uses a high-resolution color imager with infrared capability for better visibility in low light conditions. The camera’s wide field of view captures the environment from the A-pillar on the driver’s side to the B-pillar on the passenger side for a more comprehensive analysis.

“There is no advanced driver assistance technology on the road today that replaces the need for careful and alert drivers who adopt safe driving habits,” Thomas said. “The importance of comprehensive and proactive driver training cannot be overstated. SafetyDirect and VADA work together to provide fleets with actionable information and tools to support their safety efforts on and off the road.

Bendix operates in areas most critical to fleet success, including vehicle safety, performance and efficiency, as well as unmatched aftermarket support, through its ever-growing portfolio of commercial vehicle technologies. By helping lower their total costs of vehicle ownership and boosting the return on investment in equipment and technologies that keep trucks and drivers safe, Bendix aims to improve the safety of all who share America’s roads. North.


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