Microsoft adds security program for nonprofits

Microsoft launched its Security Program for Nonprofits, a suite of security programs that assess organizational risk, offer proactive monitoring and notification, and deliver cybersecurity training to employees of nonprofits through webinars, workshops and advanced overviews of new security features.

The program includes the company’s AccountGuard for Nonprofits offering, which includes threat detection and notification of both corporate accounts and associated personal accounts against attacks from nation states.

In the Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report, that the company released earlier this month, the organization noted that it blocked 31 billion identity threats and 32 billion email threats between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Nonprofits, especially government organizations, have received special attention from bad actors. According to Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report, In the 12 months leading up to June 30, 2021, 48% of attacks were perpetrated against government entities, followed by NGOs and think tanks (31%), educational organizations (3%) and IGOs ​​(3% ), the rest being distributed among health, IT, media and other organizations.

As part of AccountGuard for nonprofits, organizations are notified if there is a verifiable threat or compromise by a known nation-state actor (Microsoft cited Russia-based Nobelium as the one who successfully infiltrated US-based nonprofits in May 2021.) The program further provides notification to compromised individuals and organizations if a registered Microsoft customer account, such as a Hotmail or Outlook address, is implied.

According to Microsoft, in the event of a compromise, AccountGuard for Nonprofits provides basic suggestions for resolving security issues. Some customers may also take advantage of discounts on security software and hardware. Attendees also have direct access to Microsoft’s Democracy Forward & Philanthropies teams for consultation on security issues and questions.

The Security Program for Nonprofits also includes a free security assessment, which includes information on optimizing configurations and digital architecture to meet the needs of the organization; consolidation for operational efficiency; consulting on legacy application upgrades and security patching policies; and immediate mitigation of security risks.

Registration for the security assessment can be done here:

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