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Microsoft is investing in its online marketplace as a potential way for software and services partners to thrive in a declining U.S. economy, expanding access to its ISV Success program and promising the possibility of private offers multiparty.

ISV Success — a program intended to help ISVs get the most out of the Microsoft Partner Program — has entered public preview, Jake Swenson, vice president of commercial market at Microsoft, told CRN US in an interview.

And multi-party private offers — which give service partners the ability to create personalized offers with personalized payments sold to customers through Microsoft’s marketplace — are expected to roll out “early next year,” Swenson said.

“Features such as what we call Multi-Party Private Offers – which we will release early next year – make the marketplace relevant for service partners,” he said. “Now your IS [system integrators] or your resellers or your disties have the opportunity to say, “Look, I have an ISV offer.” I have a Microsoft customer. I have my services or value added to the equation that can be conveniently packaged and processed for the client and has positive economic conditions for everyone involved. »

What is Microsoft Marketplace?

Some service partners are beginning to test the opportunity of online marketplaces, which have received major investments from vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Cisco, and distributors such as Ingram Micro and Pax8.

But the ability for service partners to list on online marketplaces is not yet a ubiquitous practice. And for some partners who participate in marketplaces, revenue generated from marketplaces isn’t exactly a substitute for more traditional practices for finding leads and closing deals.

Can marketplaces help in a bad economy?

One of Microsoft’s market benefits, Swenson said, is that large enterprises make annual consumption commitments against their cloud spend for better forecasting and cost control, which partners can use at their advantage.

“The Marketplace uniquely allows them to apply these commitments to Microsoft and third-party apps,” he said. “And Amazon does too. But this dynamic could very well be the thing that is accelerating market-wide adoption through economic times like these.

A Microsoft blog post said on Tuesday that over the past year, Microsoft’s marketplace has seen nearly four times the growth in SaaS billed sales, with nearly five times customers with consumer commitments buying through marketplaces and three times the private offerings sold by members of Microsoft’s cloud. Solution Provider Program (CSP).

The vendor also saw nearly three times the company’s sales through the Marketplace, which “will continue to grow with our commitment to partner success,” according to the blog post by Charlotte Yarkoni, President of Commerce and Ecosystems. from Microsoft.

“Microsoft is unique in that we offer that every cloud dollar spent counts toward a customer’s cloud consumption commitment when they purchase a qualifying solution,” she said. “This, together with our enhancements to private offerings and multi-year SaaS functionality, reduces procurement red tape and consistently closes seven- and eight-figure deals in the market.”

Microsoft made a margin-sharing capability generally available in its marketplace earlier this year.

As for the Multi-Party Partner Private Offers feature – which will “go into private preview soon,” Yarkoni said – “this additional functionality will allow any set of partners to come together, create personalized offers with personalized payouts , to sell directly to Microsoft customers via [the] marketplace and that the sale matters to customers’ cloud consumption engagement,” according to the blog post.

“This will open up new opportunities for each partner and we look forward to sharing more details in the months to come,” he said.

For ISVs and software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors, Microsoft’s ISV Success program now incorporates ISV-focused marketplace rewards such as better listings, marketing support, and cloud credits based on sales .

Microsoft also announced upcoming extended benefits for participants in the ISV Success program.

“For solutions with a high volume of projected Azure consumption, participants can qualify for additional cloud credits and up to 50 hours of one-on-one consultations,” said Anthony Joseph, Microsoft vice president, Marketplace and ISV Journey, in a statement. blog post. . “Overall, the ISV Success program has a retail value of $126,000 for the base offering and $146,000 for the expansion. The expanded offering will soon enter a private preview.

As part of the extended benefits, Azure cloud credits will increase from $5,000 to $25,000. About 2,000 ISVs joined the ISV Success program during its preview phase, Joseph said.

Asked about greater integration between Microsoft Marketplace and the Partner Portal and using market data to better align Microsoft vendors and service-focused partners, Swenson said some of these features are possible at the ‘coming.

“The marketplace will eventually enable a much richer type of peer-to-peer conversation throughout the customer’s decision journey in this digital space,” he said. “None of us is there yet. … My aspiration and belief is that [the] The marketplace as a community is really what the interesting use case for this looks like in the long run.

Microsoft’s market also holds potential for companies that promote diversity and sustainability initiatives, Swenson said. Marketplace partners can brand themselves as belonging to underrepresented members of the tech community, for example.

“We have programs that we were working on to help partners who belong to underrepresented members of the tech community to be able to self-certify and show and demonstrate that they are a diverse partner on the market,” he said.

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