Mutually Human Announces Merger with Respected Data Analytics and Business Analytics Firm Mirrorlytics

“Integrating the Mirrorlytics team will allow us to help our clients leverage their data for better understanding of their business, customers and employees, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.” -Jason Kuipers, president of Mutually Human.

Mutually Human, a nationally recognized digital transformation and software consulting firm, today announced the acquisition of Mirrorlytics, a respected data and business analytics firm headquartered in Grand Rapids , MI. The two companies will merge under the Mutually Human brand (

Following the merger, the combined organization will offer a broader set of solutions to its customers. The additional data analytics capabilities will directly enhance Mutually Human’s efforts in digital transformation, workforce transformation, and appropriate application of new and innovative technologies.

Along with the combination, the company also announced three management team changes. Mark Van Holstyn, founder of Mutually Human, took on a strategic role as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Van Holstyn will be responsible for technology innovation and lead the delivery of custom software and automation solutions. The data and analytics initiatives will be led by Jordan Poortenga, founder of Mirrorlytics, as Vice President of Analytics. Jason Kuipers will lead the combined company as president, where he will be responsible for all day-to-day operations.

“We are excited about what this means for our customers,” Kuipers said. “The pace of digital change our clients are facing continues to accelerate. Onboarding the Mirrorlytics team will allow us to help our clients leverage their data for better understanding of their business, customers and employees, ultimately leading to better business results. This is a powerful addition to our already industry-leading software development and automation capabilities.”

“We have built a talented team at Mirrorlytics. By bringing our two organizations together under one brand, we will further deepen our data and analytics consulting capabilities and enhance our full-service software consulting,” said Poortenga.

Century Technology Group, the parent company of Mutually Human, managed the acquisition. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

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About Mutually Human

Mutually Human is a full-service software development and digital transformation consulting firm specializing in custom software, data analytics and intelligent automation. Our US-based team of technology strategists, business analysts, designers, engineers, and developers build powerful, easy-to-use software for organizations of all sizes looking to launch new digital products, identify processes ready to be automated or simply better understand their business. In short, Mutually Human works with its customers to create and implement technology that people want to use, improves business results, and enables organizations to do more with less.

About Mirrorlytics

Founded in 2017, Mirrorlytics is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic analysis. They provide analytical services that aim to help companies develop a data-driven culture. Mirrorlytics strives to align data-centric projects with strategic planning to ensure long-term goals are met.

About Century Technology Group

Century Technology Group is a family office based in Grand Rapids, MI. The company partners with proven operational leaders to provide growth capital, administrative resources and management advice to promising technology companies with strong products, services or core capabilities. Their portfolio companies also include MindSpring, a global leader in digital content production, and Talent Strategy, a professional search and recruitment company. For more information, please visit

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