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During the pandemic, many people learned new skills or started new hobbies. For example, I learned to cook. Two brothers from Incarnate Word Academy learned a skill that not only helped their classmates, but could also give them a career boost. Liam and Colin have always been fascinated by how computers work and they are this week’s A+ award recipients.

Liam and Colin had watched many hours of Youtube videos that introduced them to building and repairing computers and laptops. The opportunity for practical application presented itself when the brothers participated in an after-school technology program called “How to Build and Troubleshoot a Computer” at their elementary school, Incarnate Word Academy. In this program, students disassembled and rebuilt desktop computers. The brothers were able to learn new skills and apply what they had previously learned through online videos. “Liam and Colin were so committed to building computers. It was so exciting to see,” Ms. Micheli, club sponsor and Incarnate Word technology teacher, told us.

Liam and Colin told us they were surprised at how simple the devices were and were confident they could fix some of the broken Chromebooks. They were motivated to lend a hand to their teachers and students. Colin focused on diagnosing and logging Chromebook issues in a spreadsheet while Liam focused on fixing broken Chromebooks.

Ms. Micheli told us that more than 50 Chromebooks have been diagnosed and more than half have been repaired and returned to service. The technical team continues to grow and train new members this school year. Liam is currently in ninth grade at Holy Name High School in Parma and Colin is currently in sixth grade at Incarnate Word.

This week’s A+ award goes to Colin and Liam for playing a key role in this pilot program that helps keep their school’s Chromebooks running!

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