Nuclear safety information system, electrical engineering industry software on display in Minsk

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MINSK, Oct. 11 (BelTA) — More than 100 R&D products are showcased at the 26th International Specialized Exhibition “Energy. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro” (EnergyExpo) in the collective section organized by the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus, BelTA learned.

The exhibition was organized within the framework of the Belarusian Forum on Energy and Ecology. No less than 115 R&D products from organizations of the Ministry of Education, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the National Intellectual Property Center and other institutions are presented at the exhibition.

The products on display include an intelligent information system for nuclear and radiation safety monitoring, eLab-Control. At present, the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Belarusian Ministry of Emergencies (Gosatomnadzor) uses the system to keep records on ionizing radiation sources, network configurations, network infrastructure, security of client workstations, server and database security, nuclear materials with reports to the International Atomic Energy Agency, supervision of the construction, commissioning and operation of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. The system includes modules to ensure safety during the construction and commissioning of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, modules to support radiation protection of ionizing radiation sources and a module to maintain registers of nuclear materials, nuclear waste and spent nuclear material. .

Methodological materials and software for analysis and decision support in the development of gas consumption regimes in regional gas supply systems are also presented at the exhibition. Mathematical models to correlate daily gas consumption with outside air temperature have been developed. Seasonal coefficients and a conditional constant of gas consumption, which do not depend on the average daily temperature of the outside air, have been worked out. The system provides economic benefits by minimizing errors in the distribution of natural gas through regional gas supply systems and across Belarus as a whole.

Apart from that, the exhibit features active layers for solar cells and a tracker that adjusts the spatial orientation of a solar cell based on the current position of the Sun. Technologies for manufacturing materials for civil engineering and mechanical engineering from textile waste are also presented.

Other R&D products on display include an LED lamp, which provides energy-efficient lighting in greenhouses, phytotrons and other types of controlled environments.

The Belarusian Forum on Energy and Ecology is to be held in Minsk from October 11-14.

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