Obaseki talks to natives of Edo in Germany, explores investment opportunities in technology, education, and more.

Edo State Governor Mr. Godwin Obaseki met with the Edo diaspora community in Germany on Saturday, discussing gains from government investments in agriculture, technology, education and health, among other sectors.

Obaseki, while emphasizing investment opportunities in the state, said his government would support reforms and programs to make Edo a modern and progressive state where every citizen has the opportunity to live a full life.

The meeting, held physically in Berlin, Germany, and virtually via Zoom, brought together leaders from Edo organizations in Germany as well as civil society groups dealing with cultural and migration issues, among others.

The governor said his government takes advantage of the state’s arable land, warm temperature and transit location and focuses on culture, forestry, technology and manufacturing while paying critical attention to infrastructure development. , economic revolution, institutional reform, social welfare and improved security. and security.

Noting that the state needs strong institutions to support government reforms in all sectors of the state economy, Obaseki noted that “Germany is progressive today because it has a system and a structure that work. We do not focus on strong men and individuals and we strengthen our institutions because people come and go but institutions will remain.

He continued, “We are focusing on infrastructure and connecting roads in Edo. We are doing a lot in terms of building roads to open up more areas for economic activities and we will continue to build more roads, thereby ensuring better livelihoods for our people.

“A key infrastructure that we are focusing on is electricity and we are fortunate to have gas and we are focusing on distributable energy. We are enacting legislation that allows the state to generate and distribute power Already, we have a bill in the Edo State Assembly in this regard.

“We have also signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Ossiomo Power Company to provide stable power to government institutions and also boost the state’s industrial sector. Today, the company generates 95 MW of the 550 MW it has planned to supply, backed by a distribution infrastructure that has been developed to supply constant electricity to government offices, streetlights and the booming industrial sector. state growth. »

On education sector reforms, the Governor said, “One of the issues we had as a state was the quality of education. When we came to power, illegal migration was at its peak and nobody talked about it, and our people couldn’t travel because of the stigma, but today Edo is no longer on the list of illegal migrants .

“We solved the problem by tackling the root cause of the problem, which is the bad education system. What we have done in the system is globally seen as the biggest reform in education, especially at the level of basic education in Africa. We are now rethinking the entire education system and we now have the EdoBEST 2.0 to support the progress made with the pilot program.

“Like Germany, we minimize degrees and emphasize vocation. We ensure that every child who leaves our education system receives a work. The state government is working diligently with GIZ and other partners to strengthen our vocational training system, ensuring that we get expatriates and other professionals to train our children.We call on you to join us and help strengthen our technical and vocational education.

Obaseki added, “For us, technology is the future; we want to be the Silicon Valley of Nigeria. We partner with private investors and other stakeholders to train young people in software development and other soft skills so they can survive in a technology-driven society.

“We now have the Edo Tech Park and we have trained the third cohort of software engineers who today are paid in dollars in Benin, the capital of Edo State.”

“Our strongest asset is our diaspora community. This is the first in a series of commitments. We will maintain this partnership with you to ensure that we achieve our vision of making Edo great again,” the governor said.

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