Process and control today | ABB launches revolutionary robot alignment software that increases the speed and accuracy of electronics manufacturing

  • High-speed alignment software uses vision technology to deliver a revolutionary 70% increase in speed and a 50% increase in accuracy.
  • The software adds to the electronics manufacturing portfolio which includes a new variant of ABB’s IRB 1300 with clean room option and IP54 IRB 920T SCARA robots

ABB Robotics has launched a pioneering, industry-leading software solution to transform speed and precision in electronics assembly. Backed by 50 years of software expertise, ABB’s high-speed alignment software is the first to offer manufacturers the ability to increase 6-axis robot speed by 70% and accuracy by 50%, which significantly reduces time to market while increasing accuracy. levels.

The PC-based software includes Visual Servoing technology using one or more cameras, combined with a computer vision system, to control the robot’s position relative to the part. As the robot moves, the cameras capture images continuously, while the computer vision system takes the information, verifies and adjusts the robotic movements to provide an accuracy of 0.01 to 0.02 millimeters.

Rui Liang, general manager of ABB’s Robotics Electronics business line, said, “Sales of smartphones, wearables and other high-tech devices are increasing, and advancements in electronics are accelerating. As devices become smaller and more powerful, new automation solutions are needed to place components quickly and accurately, ensuring that production can keep pace with demand while maintaining the highest levels of product quality. products.

ABB’s 6-axis articulated robots are highly flexible in handling complex tasks in tight spaces and can perform a variety of meticulous placement tasks. The High Speed ​​Alignment software was developed to find the perfect balance between speed and precision.

In addition to effortless commissioning and tuning, system integrators and manufacturers can benefit from reduced deployment time – from a full shift of eight to just one hour. Minimal programming experience is required as the software is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. Additionally, the software is compatible with a wide range of IRC5 and OmniCore robot cameras and controllers, allowing system integrators to retrofit existing installations.

“Our latest innovation in the RobotWare family, high-speed alignment software, enables electronics manufacturers to increase productivity by 70% while maintaining accuracy levels of 0.01 to 0.02 mm. This is a revolutionary technology for the electronic assembly market,” concludes Liang.

The software is compatible with ABB IRB 1100 and IRB 120 industrial robots. More information and access to RobotWare High Speed ​​Alignment can be found here

Alongside its software portfolio, ABB robotics continues to expand its portfolio of robots for electronics manufacturing with its IRB 1300 new variant and the new options IRB 920T SCARA. The new IRB 1300 combines a high payload of 12 kilograms and a reach of 1.4 meters, allowing it to handle more and heavier objects at the same time, helping to produce more products per hour and increasing productivity. ABB’s IRB 920T SCARA robot includes new options with IP54 and cleanroom, ensuring stable production in dusty, humid and cleanroom environments. For more information, visit and

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