Rely on the following 7 items to get a loan from Good Lenders

The increase in prices of staple goods has a big effect on our spending levels. Sadly again, the payday is still 1 week away but the wallet is empty. Want to borrow money from friends, they are also broke.

Fortunately, there are currently many institutions offering money lending services to the public, such as Good Lenders. In order to process the withdrawal of money quickly, follow the tips below.


Tips for Applying for a Loan to a Pawnshop

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1. Determine the Amount of Loans Required

The purpose of someone borrowing money is different. There is to finance children’s education costs, business capital, or just meet their daily needs. Know your purpose for borrowing money so that the amount borrowed matches what is needed. This will make it easier for you when paying installments to avoid bad credit.


2. Preparing Letters or Loan Terms

Loan Terms


3. Consider the Additional Cost Amount

Wherever you apply for a loan, there will definitely be additional costs, including at the Good Lenders. Additional fees paid are usually in the form of interest. The percentage of interest depends on the loan amount and the loan period. In essence, do not be late paying installments so as not to incur fines.


7 Items That Can Be Mortgaged

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Good Lenders is a collateral lending institution. This means that before borrowing, you must prepare items to be used as collateral, such as:

1. House Certificate

House certificates become expensive pawned goods, especially if the selling price of the house is expensive. Considering that the money earned from pawning a house is huge, you can use the money for various needs. Starting from meeting daily needs, educational needs, health, and even capital to open a new business. By mortgaging a house, you don’t need to pawn another item when the money is running low.


2. Land Certificate

Although the price of land rises every year, the selling price is no more expensive than the selling value of the house. The amount of the pawn value obtained depends on the Land and Building Tax estimation. Luckily if you have a large piece of land located in a strategic area. Because, the value of the mortgage is definitely far more expensive than the value of the existing land pawn in the interior.


3. Motorized Vehicles

vehicle loans

Most Indonesians have motorized vehicles parked in front of their homes. Both motorcycles and cars, both can be mortgaged when finances fail. The amount of loans received is also quite large, especially if you pawned a car.

Motor vehicle pawn is arguably quite advantageous because the mortgaged is not the physical form of the vehicle, but the BPKB letter. Although it has been mortgaged, you are still allowed to use the vehicle while on the move. If the repayments are paid in full, then the mortgaged BPKB letter will be immediately returned by the Good Lenders.


4. Jewelry

Jewelry in the form of gold, pearls, diamonds, diamonds and gems can also be mortgaged for a while if you don’t have any more money. The jewelry pawn process is also very easy, especially gold, because the selling price is quite high. By attaching only a photocopy of identity, the money borrowed will immediately be disbursed.


5. Electronic Equipment

If you do not have the four items mentioned above, you can mortgage electronic devices, such as televisions, refrigerators, radios, even personal gadgets. However, the electronic pawning requirements are quite strict due to technological changes.

If you want to pawn electronic goods, make sure the production period of the goods is not more than one year so that the loan disbursement process is easier and faster. In other words, electronic goods that are pawned must be the latest type because the latest type is usually faster in the market.


6. Home Appliances

If you are confused about what you want to mortgage for the sake of earning money, don’t panic right away, you can still pawn household appliances. For example, kitchen sets, sofas, beds, including the wardrobe though.

In essence, the equipment is still good and worth using. Although the value of the household is not too high due to a decrease in economic life, at least the money can be used to meet daily needs before the payday arrives.


7. Branded Goods

Bags, shoes, clothing, watches, and eyeglasses produced by well-known brands can also be mortgaged if you don’t know what you want to mortgage let alone to earn money.


Don’t Forget to Pay Installments!

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The installment payment system at Good Lenders is very strict. If you are unable to continue payments, like it or not, the mortgaged goods will become the property of Good Lenders. If you still want the item, pay install it in an orderly manner. Remember, don’t be late paying!

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