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Alder Hey Innovation is developing a bespoke home heart monitoring program – “Little Hearts at Home” – to be implemented across the North West Congenital Heart Disease Network.

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The “Little Hearts at Home” remote monitoring solution will allow newborns and infants with serious congenital heart defects to receive proactive and preventative care in the comfort of their own home.

The bespoke software solution developed in partnership with Objectivity Ltd. will aim to increase early intervention and reduce emergency admissions, allowing more babies to leave the hospital environment and return home with their families.

The “Little Hearts at Home” system will include:

  • real time recording
  • detailed reports
  • statistical display of patient data
  • chronological trends

These features will help transform existing postoperative processes into a more proactive and preventative patient care model, leading to a better patient experience and better outcomes.

Claire Liddy, Managing Director of Alder Hey Innovation, said: “This project is very meaningful to us because it is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve: enabling little babies to spend more time with their families and get the treatment they need. , closer to home.

“The Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Innovation Center is a truly special and unique place. We are committed to introducing new technologies in health care for the benefit of children and young people.

Ms Liddy added: “Objectivity Ltd. has extensive experience in helping the NHS and private healthcare organizations achieve their digital innovation goals and we are delighted to deliver this important project together.

Objectivity’s health division is led by Andrew Smith, Director of Health Services. Regarding the “Little Hearts at Home” project, he said: “Objectivity Ltd. is a values-driven company and as such it is an honor to work alongside Alder Hey on an initiative that helps achieve the Quadruple Aim of healthcare. . We are delighted to support Alder Hey in helping newborns and infants receive proactive and preventative care closer to home. Alder Hey is looking to the future of care and how best to support children and their families and we are proud to be part of that journey.

The company’s health technology team working on the project recently concluded the discovery phase during which they met with Alder Hey’s cardiologists and cardiology nurses as well as parents of pediatric patients . The discussions they had helped them better understand each group’s unique perspectives and expectations for Little Hearts at Home.

“The feedback we’ve received from the team assigned to this project has been overwhelmingly positive – everyone involved is excited to be working on this wonderful initiative,” added Smith.

‘Little Hearts at Home’ was recently awarded the Digital Health Partnership Award given to NHS organizations in England whose aim is to adopt digital health technologies that support patients at home. During Phase 2 of the awards, launched in November 2021, “Little Hearts at Home” was chosen as one of 27 projects to receive funding from the Digital Health Partnership.

The project is already underway, and many new developments are in store for the near future.

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Alder Hey Innovation

“Today’s child, tomorrow’s healthier adult”

Alder Hey Innovation is the largest dedicated, purpose-built and hospital-led innovation center in the UK. Alder Hey Children’s Trust has a proud history of innovation that spans over a hundred years.

Today, we continue that legacy by using cutting-edge technologies and innovating to save lives and improve the life chances of today’s child. Our ambition is to be the global leader in advancing child health through innovation, using our unique hospital-based innovation hub, disrupting, discovering and spreading to have real impact.

Our mission is to solve the real health problems that children and young people face today, creating equitable access to care and enabling a healthier future for all..

Our unique strengths lie in our track record of innovation and disruption, with a strong track record of solving problems quickly, creating an end-to-end pipeline and process, identifying issues and solutions to commercial revenue.

Our strategy is powered by a bespoke open innovation system, to quickly identify real-world problems and bring together the right partners to solve them with innovative and disruptive technology. Our co-creation approach involves research and partnership with local and international industry and universities, bringing the most innovative technology and solutions to Alder Hey, where we strive for excellence and breakthroughs in the field of health care.

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