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CARY, North Carolina, August 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / РbioM̩rieux Inc., a global leader in in vitro diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases, has partnered with the global leader in SAS analysis to help fight antimicrobial resistance. As professionals from around the world gather to discuss analytics and healthcare technology at the annual HIMSS conference this week, the companies announced the development of a pioneering analytics solution to provide clinicians with frontline real-time health data for better and faster treatment of infections.

Innovative analytics solution provides frontline clinicians with real-time health data to combat public health threats.

The new software-as-a-service offering, BIOMÉRIEUX CLARION â„¢, connects the myriad of healthcare data in US hospitals and reference laboratories to provide critical information to combat threats to public health. Innovative solution tracks antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria and quickly produces data dashboards on SAS® Viya® to enable more informed clinical decision-making. The partnership is rooted in the medical community’s ongoing struggle against antimicrobial resistance and the goal of activating and supporting continuous improvement within antimicrobial stewardship programs.

“Healthcare providers and clinical laboratory scientists rely on real-time clinical data, not anecdotes, to make optimal decisions,” said John hurst, PharmD, BCIDP, Senior Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship for the United States at bioMérieux. “CLARION, powered by SAS, is revolutionizing antimicrobial management and transforming the antibiogram to be automated and dynamic, providing up-to-date information. “

The misuse of antibiotics – including excessive and inaccurate prescribing – causes bacteria and fungi to evolve and become resistant to treatment, resulting in 2.8 million infections and more than 35,000 deaths per year in the United States. United. Antibiotic use has increased during the pandemic due to resources deployed away from antimicrobial stewardship and preventive antibiotic use in COVID-19 patients. To monitor the effectiveness of antibiotics and response to infections, hospitals typically rely on a standard antibiogram, published once a year with only general information on bacterial pathogens. The static and retrospective nature of this standard report increases the risk that a prescriber will miss current AMR trends and potentially prescribe the wrong antibiotic.

“As diagnostic technologies have evolved over the past 20 years, antimicrobial practices in hospitals have remained largely the same,” said Steve kearney, PharmD, medical director at SAS. “CLARION’s next-level technology leverages the advanced data management, analysis and data visualization capabilities of SAS Viya to deliver information to the medical community that was never possible before. “

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all U.S. hospitals develop an antimicrobial stewardship program to help eliminate drug-resistant superbugs and improve patient health outcomes. CLARION’s advanced analysis software provides critical laboratory and clinical data to all departments, processes and vendors, including regional surveillance of multidrug-resistant organisms, customizable alerts for antibiotic use, and points of evidence for items performance of the federally mandated antimicrobial stewardship program. The solution’s advanced antibiograms personalize antimicrobial therapy decision making for patients with data specific to a hospital system – even a particular unit or floor within a hospital – and the unique characteristics of a patient.

“CLARION allows me to go beyond all previous attempts at collecting and presenting data and deliver information that has been locked into the lab, pharmacy and EMR systems,” said Mike Broyles, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy and Laboratory Services at St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical Center in Arkansas. “I can get what I need without spending months of my life writing special requests and browsing charts. We create antibiograms in three clicks when it used to take three months.”

To learn more about the partnership to improve healthcare value through diagnostic management, watch the SAS and bioMérieux roundtable video:

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