Six $305 seniors named 2022 Governor’s Scholars


Among the students honored today at the 2022 Kansas Governor’s Scholarship Program in Topeka were three students each from Salina Central High School and Salina South High School.

Scholars were honored for being among the top academics, one percent of high school students in Kansas.

Salina Central Governor Scholars:Aryan Kevat,Benjamin Kraft andCharles Goldbach. Photos courtesy USD 305“/>
Salina Central Governor Scholars: Aryan Kevat, Benjamin Kraft, and Charles Goldbach. Photos courtesy of $305

Salina Central High School Students

Charles Goldbach plans to study chemistry at the University of Kansas with the goal of becoming a radiation oncologist. Charles credits his mother for showing him what it takes to be a healthcare professional – it influenced his goal of providing excellent healthcare. His favorite memory is the last dress rehearsal of One Man Two Guvnors when a character saw his pacemaker fall out on stage. He explains: “They then pretended to die. Going through the rest of the scene without them and reacting like my character would in that moment was a highlight of my high school experience.

Aryan Kevat will go to the University of Kansas to study computer science before starting a career in software development and engineering. Aryan’s favorite memory is: “Our Scholar’s Bowl tournament SE of Saline. It was a hectic experience trying to put together a last minute team, but it turned out to be really fun both because of the heat of the competition and our team bonding antics. His advice for young students is, “Don’t be afraid of what comes next. I did a lot of things in high school. I know that all the opportunities I have taken have ultimately shaped who I am today and who I will become. Take risks and learn who you really are.

Benjamin Kraft will attend the University of Kansas where he will major in chemistry. His high school experiences that helped him make future plans include soccer, band, theater and the Scholar’s Bowl. Benjamin’s favorite memory is warming up before the final screening of Peter and the Star-Catcher. Benjamin shares this thought for younger students: “School is really what you make of it. Make sure the school prepares you to achieve your dreams.

<b>South Salina Governor’s Fellows: Zoe Norton, EmmaShulda and;  Lainey Brown.</b>“/><figcaption class=Salina South Governor’s Fellows: Zoe Norton, EmmaShulda and Lainey Brown.

Salina South High School Students

Lainey Brown will attend Bethany College where she will play soccer and major in chemistry. She is aiming for a career as an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Lainey credits his experiences in football and various medical courses with supporting his development of future plans. A favorite memory is when the history teachers “attacked” the football team with nerves during conditioning. His advice for young students? Lainey shared, “Always do your best because even when you can’t control the outcome of a situation, you can still control the intensity of your work.

Zoe Norton plans to attend Kansas State University and major in mechanical engineering. His favorite memory was learning about the connection between physics and golf. Zoe explained, “I remember everything I had learned started to make sense in the chapter about torque, strength and momentum.” His love of golf, an understanding of physics, and courses such as freshman drawing and engineering principles, led to his future plans. Zoe encourages young students to work hard and study now to develop good habits that will apply outside of school.

Emma Shulda will study environmental engineering at Kansas State University. She loves being outdoors and helping the environment. Experiences at South High School that have supported her future plans include the sense of community that is built through opportunities such as her participation in a band and theater. Emma described her favorite memory from high school, sharing “The whole prom thing was a blast.” Her best suggestion for younger students is, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone starts out confused.

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