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The in-house attorneys designed our highly searchable, easy-to-use, login-less portal. We were looking for a better way to organize, check and easily retrieve all the legal “news” that bombarded us daily.

Around the clock, National Law Review’s seasoned editors review and rank the latest news and analysis written by recognized legal professionals and our own reporters. We are currently one of the most visited business law websites in the United States.

The National Law Review revolutionized legal publishing in 1888 and this cutting-edge tradition continues today.

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We seek well-researched legal analysis or legal news that will help educate professionals and consumers interested in emerging legal and business issues.

The National Law Review provides an excellent opportunity for recognized legal professionals to get your name and knowledge out there to thousands of legal consumers who are actively seeking your expertise.

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Please note that we do not issue press releases, publicity articles, pleadings or legal forms.

We publish our content quickly and around the clock. For each author and organization, we develop an author biography and an organizational profile.

We value ongoing relationships with our authors so that we can publish our authors’ content quickly and professionally. And since we like to know our authors, we are not the best platform for a one-time article publication.

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