Tech Elevator will bring its coding bootcamp to Wilmington in January 2022



Technical elevator It may be new to Delaware, but it’s been around since 2015 – long enough to have placed nearly 2,000 people in software development jobs since its inception in Cleveland, Ohio. In total, the organization has five physical campuses: Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, as well as a national distance learning program.

In January, he will join the ranks of local bootcamps Wilmington Postal Code and Code differently to officially launch its next location on Market Street in Wilmington.

The program offers a full-stack software development track – and, for Delaware adults, it’ll be free, thanks to a partnership with Technological impact. The nonprofit tech training organization received $ 6 million to place 500 Delaware residents in computer training and certification programs through June 2025 as part of the United States Department of Labor H-1B One Labor Subsidy Program. Participating training programs also include Code Differently and The Precisionists.

Why is this important? On the one hand, resilience at work: “IT occupations are growing almost twice as fast as the overall growth of occupations,” said Patrick callihan, executive director of Tech Impact.

And with the rapid growth of the industry happening in Delaware, the decision to expand here, campus director Caitie Zajko Recount Technically, was easy.

“When we launched Philadelphia just before COVID, we saw a huge need for opportunities in Wilmington,” Zajko said. “We have a lot of Philadelphia alumni who were placed in Wilmington.”

Tech Elevator has a 95% graduation rate and a 90% placement rate, based on its reports at Advice on integrity and communication of results. Part of his success, Zajko said, is his Pathway Program, which runs parallel to the coding camp.

“Instead of focusing on the technical program, it focuses on skills development,” she said. “It’s a nationally recognized program that helps people develop their brand, their LinkedIn profile, their pitch, what to say in an interview. It really teaches students how to land that job and connects them with employers who are in that market. “

Tech Elevator’s Delaware First Cohort is scheduled to launch on January 17, although the decision on whether it will be in person or remotely due to COVID concerns will be announced closer to the start date. (Students will be allowed to choose distance learning courses if they prefer, anyway). Applications are now open to Delaware residents over the age of 18.

“We don’t require any previous experience,” Zajko said. “We say to people, ‘If you have a passion and an interest in a career in technology, run our process and see if it’s something you really like. Our mission is to help uplift people, businesses and communities.



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