Tech Projects aims to advance “Made-in-Qatar” applications and software

Waseem S. Gondal, Director of Technology Projects

Doha: ICT Consultant and Service Provider Tech Projects, a Qatar Financial Center (QFC) registered company, aims to contribute to the growing movement of “Made-in-Qatar”, particularly in the areas of application development and software in the country.

The company, which began operations in Qatar at the start of the pandemic year, already has branches in Finland and Pakistan.

In an interview with The peninsulaTechnology projects director Waseem S. Gondal (pictured) said that in addition to developing new applications and software, the company also plans to bring international IT projects to Qatar, as well as establish a inbound call center (as BPO) here which will serve customers in the US and Europe for primarily IT support and IT help desk services, which is in the process of obtaining government sector approvals. Qatar is developing at a very rapid pace. From the simplest application to a complete IT solution, no business can succeed without adopting the right IT platform. The majority of businesses here understand the need for technology. E-commerce businesses such as food delivery and other daily services are advancing day by day. Businesses need to embrace an online platform, which has become a huge source of income for many IT companies, ”said Gondal.

He said Tech Projects provides advice to companies for the selection of future technologies, the selection of software, hardware and other digital infrastructure. The Company provides software development services and has also developed its own applications such as complete ERP and other applications.

“We have developed applications for various industries including banking and insurance, manufacturing and retail. In addition, we are also in project management consulting and we take any type of project management outsourcing. We have the expertise in HR consulting and we organize interviews to hire professional, skilled and semi-skilled workers, ”said Gondal.

Along with its consulting services, Tech Projects also worked on new Business Apps. Two of his most recent projects include a rental car management system that can be used by car rental companies and government agencies; while the other app that will compete with Uber and Careem was designed to provide passengers and drivers with additional features and promotional programs.

Speaking of the latter, Gondal said, “The development of this app is almost complete. Further development of the marketing and business model must be finalized. One of the main things currently in the works is for us to be regularized under Qatari company law. Very soon, it will be over and we will be able to implement our plan in 2022 ”.

He added, “In addition, we will bring our software development team here in Qatar so that we can meet customer requirements more effectively and efficiently. Currently, we have IT, HR and project management services under one roof. So, with the addition of the Software House here, we will definitely be contributing to the “Made-in-Qatar” software and applications digitization program. We also plan to bring international IT projects to Qatar, as well as establish an inbound call center as a BPO here, which will serve customers in the US and Europe for mainly IT support and business services. ‘computer assistance’.

There are many trends currently saturating the digital and tech sectors in the Qatari market, according to Gondal, and they are expected to continue after the pandemic. These include online shopping and fast delivery, digital and contactless payments, remote working, distance learning, telehealth and online entertainment. He added that the shift from supply chain management to a technology-based supply chain – like big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain – is also building a more resilient supply chain management system in Qatar.

Speaking of the different sectors that have quickly adapted to technology during the pandemic, he said: “The healthcare industry, security and surveillance services, airports and airlines, among others, have very quickly adopted a advanced technology during the pandemic. On top of all this, I can still see in some places long queues of people or customers, places where a lot of paperwork is always required. Such places need to be moved to digital platforms or they can carry out a detailed study to automate all the heavy manual or physical work on paper currently being carried out ”.

Gondal reiterated that Qatar’s vision to be a knowledge-based economy is also technology-based. “We are a committed player and will undoubtedly contribute to the Qatari economy. As we have learned from sport, like in a soccer game, all players must keep making moves to score the goal. Not every shot turns into a goal, but a good shot turns into a successful goal, and a certain number of goals will ultimately win the game. Likewise, Tech Projects will continue to honor our commitments with clients, and this will ultimately help us achieve our goals. ”

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