University of Adelaide Deploys ServiceNow in Service Desk Redesign – Software

The University of Adelaide adopted ServiceNow as part of a broader improvement program targeting the management and delivery of IT services to its nearly 29,000 students and employees.

The IT service management tool went live in August, marking the first phase of the university redesign led by Melbourne-based ServiceNow specialist Enable Professional Services.

It has already seen a 20% reduction in overall service desk processing times, with more than 5,000 requests made through a self-service website powered by ServiceNow so far.

In some areas, application processing times have decreased by as much as 80%, the university said.

The tool also made it easier for employees and students to find important updates and organizational information “more quickly and easily,” he added, resulting in higher satisfaction rates expressed in surveys of employees. users.

CIO Bev Wright said the ITSM tool has “helped change the way our IT operations work and the way staff and students access our IT services.”

“By digitizing our workflows, we have been able to move from paper and legacy systems to an integrated system that provides more efficient service and a great user experience,” she said.

Wright said the live chat feature was particularly popular with students, with hundreds of live chats during the tool’s first week of deployment.

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