Vancouver tech company Unbounce is laying off 47 employees

A Vancouver-based tech company has announced it has laid off 47 of its employees as the tech industry as a whole struggles.

With Wednesday’s layoffs, Canadian software company Unbounce has cut its workforce by almost 20%.

“For a tight-knit team like ours, this news is especially difficult – the people leaving us today are not just our teammates but our friends,” CEO Felicia Bochicchio said in a LinkedIn post announcing the removals. jobs.

She said the decision was necessary given “the current economic environment”.

Unbounce produces landing pages for websites, which ask web visitors for their contact information in exchange for a piece of content, like an e-book.

The company, founded more than a decade ago in Vancouver, also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine which landing pages perform better than others.

Those working in the tech industry were quick to react to the news on Twitter with dismay, citing a number of other layoffs across the sector, at companies including Thinkific, Shopify, Clearco and Article.

Unbounce’s official Twitter account has asked people to help share a list of “incredibly talented team members” who have been affected by the layoffs in hopes of finding them new job opportunities.

“Please reach out directly if you are looking for specific skills,” Bochicchio said in his LinkedIn post. “I will do my best to open my network to help our people find their next big opportunity.”

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