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Victoria Beckham is reportedly set to take out a £ 6.4million loan to save her fashion business.

The singer-turned-designer was offered the loan after her company, Victoria Beckham Ltd, suffered significant losses over a four-year period.

The loan will allow Victoria to retain control of the business.

However, if the Luxembourg company London Investments Sarl is not reimbursed, the money could be converted into shares of Victoria Beckham Ltd.

A financial expert told The Sun newspaper: “Posh would no longer want to relinquish control of a company created in his name.

“Yet desperate times call for desperate action. This move will secure a much needed infusion of funds – and after racking up record losses of some £ 12million last year, they can’t afford not to. something radical. “

In 2017, London Investments invested £ 30million in the company for a 28% stake in the business.

The cash injection and corporate restructuring plans were revealed earlier this week in new records.

Meanwhile, Victoria recently admitted that wearing fitted dresses in the early years of her career was a “sign of insecurity.”

The 46-year-old fashion designer now recognizes that her style was aimed at helping cope with her own insecurities.

When asked if she had ever felt confused about her personal style, Victoria replied, “No, not really. When I was in the Spice Girls, there were stylists who dressed the band, but in my personal life, I have never worked with a stylist.

“I used to wear a lot of structured dresses with corsetry, and I still have some of those dresses, but my personal style has become more casual.

“Looking back, I guess it was a sign of insecurity that I always wore very tight, tight fitting clothes.”

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