VMware Tanzu gives developers the autonomy to build and deploy applications on any cloud


As organizations face the reality of a permanent digital world, the pressure to digitize and modernize operations remains high. While this modernization is imperative, it is just as difficult; True digitization and transformation efforts are complex, extensive, and must occur without compromising a company’s ability to meet ongoing business needs. Teams are challenged to build more reliable, secure, intelligent, and adaptive applications and must deliver them faster, at scale, and in any cloud.

VMware introduces advancements in its VMware Tanzu portfolio to enable large-scale application management and operation and provide developers with the autonomy to build and deploy applications in any cloud.

“The changes brought about by accelerated digital transformation initiatives mean that software development teams are challenged to create more reliable, secure, intelligent and adaptive applications. They need to deliver it faster, at scale, and to any cloud. It’s an intimidating prospect no matter where an organization is on its modernization journey, ”said Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager, Modern Apps & Management Business Group, VMware. “With the breadth and depth of the Tanzu portfolio, VMware is uniquely positioned to meet our customers where they are now, providing them with the tools, training, empowerment and services that will help them progress throughout. of their application modernization journey, across infrastructure, applications, and any cloud.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform Adds Capabilities to Beta

Featured in its first beta1 release at VMware SpringOne 2021, Tanzu Application Platform provides an end-to-end development experience for companies that build and deploy applications and APIs on any Kubernetes. It accelerates the release of software teams and supports them over time by automating source-production pipelines and coordinating the efforts of development and operations teams.

At VMworld, VMware is announcing new features for the Tanzu Application Platform Beta that will deliver a full end-to-end experience for developers and operators, including:

  • Supply chain choreography: Based on the open source mapper project, allowing application operators to create developer-preapproved production paths that integrate Kubernetes resources and existing toolchains
  • Development tools, including IDE plugins: give developers the ability to interact with the platform or its open source components easily and efficiently to perform important and frequent development tasks in pre-commit
  • Intrinsically safe: added functionality for signing, scanning and storing images throughout the production process
  • Service links: Operators can specify how endpoints and data service credentials are exposed to workloads in a portable and native Kubernetes manner
  • Source controller: allows application developers to create or update workloads from local source code
  • Congress service: A framework for platform operators to configure deployed workload policies to enable all workloads to follow best practices.

Presentation of the software available for free to discover VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu Community Edition is a free and easy to manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users. Supported by the community, the open source software distribution can be installed and configured in minutes on a local desktop or cloud of your choice, and automates end-to-end application delivery with a comprehensive platform for application developers, IT operators and DevOps engineers.

VMware Tanzu Community Edition will allow learners and users to:

  • Explore Tanzu independently with free software and services available. Users can download free open source software that is not hampered by usage restrictions or functional limitations; enhance learning with free access to top-notch education and training resources, and get extra help with community support backed by committed and knowledgeable experts.
  • Take on new challenges with confidence with the same software used in Tanzu’s commercial editions. Proven enterprise-class software today enables end-to-end application delivery automation, while ensuring that skills, knowledge, and artifacts are fully transferable for use with Tanzu’s commercial editions.
  • Get up and running in minutes on a local desktop or preferred cloud environment. Users can quickly build a complete Kubernetes-based platform customized to their needs and run it on an on-premises desktop, in vSphere, or in a public cloud with compact, single-node, and multi-cluster configurations.

Additionally, VMware Announces Free Tier of VMware Tanzu Mission Control – Tanzu Mission Control Starter is a multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management solution available as a SaaS service. Users can leverage Tanzu Mission Control Starter to gain global visibility and policy control over Kubernetes clusters, whether on-premises or in any public cloud.

Users can combine Tanzu Mission Control Starter with Tanzu Community Edition to start running and managing containerized applications based on Kubernetes at no cost. And for those who are not currently using Tanzu but are running Kubernetes with other vendors (such as AKS, GKE, EKS), these existing clusters can be attached to Tanzu Mission Control Starter to centrally manage them.

Drax Group is a renewable energy company engaged in the production of renewable energy. “We looked at many solutions in the industry for our IT modernization needs and very quickly switched to VMware Tanzu,” said Mark Leonard, CIO, Drax Group.

“VMware Tanzu has provided us with a substantial advantage because it is out of the box, easy to use, frees our developers, and removes the complexity of using public cloud tools where DevOps can sometimes become a burden. We have launched a state-of-the-art digital service for our customers, managing their fleets of electric vehicles, and it runs on VMware Tanzu. This allows us to provide small, reusable blocks of functionality that can be easily refreshed and expanded to provide scalable and scalable applications. “

Simplified AI Development via VMware vSphere with Tanzu and NVIDIA AI Enterprise

In March 2021, VMware and NVIDIA announced an end-to-end AI-ready enterprise platform that is easy to deploy and use. This common platform includes the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite which has been certified, optimized and supported by NVIDIA for VMware vSphere.

VMware announces that Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service, included in VMware vSphere with Tanzu, is now integrated with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, allowing customers to automate the delivery of containerized workloads and proactively manage applications in production.

Customers can now test their AI projects on NVIDIA AI Enterprise with vSphere with Tanzu, which enables IT operations teams to use their existing vSphere environment to deliver Kubernetes clusters to AI developer teams at a rapid pace , while allowing governance, reliability and security. This enables enterprises to avoid AI silos and simplify management by leveraging virtualization to integrate AI developments into existing business infrastructure, thereby accelerating the adoption of AI in the company.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Now Supports NVIDIA GPUs in Amazon Web Services and Azure

As part of VMware’s commitment to deliver enterprise-class multi-cloud Kubernetes distribution, VMware offers one of the most requested VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid features of all time: NVIDIA GPU support for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid , supported in VMware vSphere, Amazon Services Web (AWS), and Azure environments.

VMware provides a consistent, high-performance modern application platform that can run anywhere. With Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.4, VMware announces support for NVIDIA GPUs for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on AWS and Azure environments. 2 Cluster API, the upstream technology used for cluster lifecycle management, supports types GPU instances for AWS and Azure. Developers can now create and manage the lifecycle of GPU-enabled clusters in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for AWS and Azure.

Enabling Partner Developer Ready Clouds Powered by VMware Tanzu

VMware is now bringing more self-service and DevSecOps capabilities, including VMware Tanzu, to cloud provider partners. With VMware, partners can provide customers with fully managed, developer-ready clouds on-premises, as hosted private clouds, or in VMware Cloud on AWS. The availability of VMware Tanzu in all of these environments enables partner customers to quickly build and test cloud native applications by leveraging a managed Kubernetes service.

With VMware App Launchpad delivered through VMware Cloud Director, for example, customers can access the building blocks they need to develop their modern cloud native applications and use that same platform to then deploy their custom applications to production.

“There is a strong demand for container technology to meet the needs of developers who can be delivered from a highly secure environment and who meet the requirements for data sovereignty and privacy,” said Pasi Sutinen, hybrid cloud manager at TietoEVRY. “Tanzu Kubernetes Grid running on VMware Cloud infrastructure, with additional VMware Cloud Director to manage multi-tenancy, enables vendors such as TietoEVRY to provide customers with unified management of workloads running at a time. on virtual machines and containers. This combination allows partners to offer different levels of security and isolation specific to each customer’s environment.

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