VUSD will implement a new school security system

The District Council approved adoption of the system in early July. Rick Hamilton, industrial technology administrator at VUSD, said there is no set date for when the system will go into effect at school sites, as it is still early in the project development process. However, the current estimated target is for it to be ready by early to mid-October.

“We are in the process of generating the purchase orders and working with the supplier. There is material involved, and it has already been shipped,” Hamilton said. “Then there is a whole deployment process. We have to train our people and get [the system] everything set up.

The program’s emergency management system will be applied to all staff-provided devices to keep district and campus employees informed in the event of an emergency. According to David Rogers, director of marketing at Raptor Technologies, it will also be able to notify district and campus employees of potential emergencies.

“When there is an emergency, [schools] want to be able to respond quickly,” Rogers said. “This is where the emergency management software and panic alert buttons we offer are extremely helpful.”

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