Wicked Good Development: Vulnerability Exercises – Intent, Habit and Impact

Wicked Good Development is dedicated to the future of open source. This space is for learning about the latest from the developer community and chatting with innovators and experts in the open source software industry.

We now live in a world where there is no question of being attacked. It is now a question of when you will be attacked. So what can you do to protect yourself when this happens? In this episode, Kadi and Omar sit down with members of Sonatype’s Developer Relations team to discuss the value of engineering teams performing vulnerability drills. Find out why this shouldn’t be seen as an incident response, but as streamlining your operations and engineering to stay in step.

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  • Sal Kimmich, Developer Advocate, Sonatype (Twitter: @Kimmich_Compute)
  • Steve Poole, Developer Advocate, Sonatype (Twitter: @spoole167)
  • Ilkka Turunen, Technical Field Manager, Sonatype / (Twitter: @IlkkaT)



Kadi 0:09

Hello, my name is Kadi Grigg and welcome to today’s episode of Wicked Good Development. This is a space to learn about the latest from the developer community and chat with OSS innovators and industry experts.

Omar 0:19

Hola, my name is Omar and I will be your co-host. We’re dedicated to the future of open source, and today we’ll be talking about vulnerability drills.

Kadi 0:27

Today, we have a great Sonatype team, including our technical field director, the one and only Ilkka, and developer advocate extraordinaire Sal Kimmich and Steve Poole. Welcome and thank you for being here today.

Ilkka 0:38

Well, glad (Read more…)

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