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(ABC 6 News) – The 2022 Pappajohn Entrepreneur Gala celebrated northern Iowa entrepreneurs at a special recognition event on Tuesday night.

The event took place at Northern Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in Mason City and northern Iowa entrepreneurs and businesses were honored in 4 separate categories. In all, 13 finalists were named and the winners were announced at the gala.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Dr. Reed and Dr. Addison Faldet of Hometown Dental (Charles City, IA)

Dr. Reed and Dr. Addison Faldet are the founders and owners of Hometown dental. In 2022, they built state-of-the-art dental clinics in Charles City and New Hampton. The clinics are accompanied by new equipment and technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of care, and allow doctors to see more patients and provide better access to care. The new clinics will allow them to address rural dentistry issues as dentists continue to retire in small towns across Iowa.

Student Entrepreneur of the Year – Avery Williams of Tea Time (Garner, IA)

This award recognizes a student entrepreneur who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit by becoming a business owner. At the age of 14, Avery combined his love for his heritage and wholesome ingredients to successfully create his own company – Tea Time, a boba tea company. Avery began selling tea to his local community group for school and the Clear Lake Farmer’s Market. All of Avery’s ingredients are locally sourced, follow organic practices, are gluten-free, and contain no artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. Avery also participated in the Youth Entrepreneurial Academy 2022 where she won $500 in seed money for her business plan.

Entrepreneur of the Year – Melissa Fabian of Simply Nourished MC and Foxtrot Properties (Mason City, IA)

Melissa Fabian is the Owner/CEO of Simply Nourished Mason City and Foxtrot Properties. Simply Nourished is a modernized neighborhood grocery store focused on an underserved population and dedicated to building community connections. Focusing on locally sourced products, Simply Nourished supports local farmers and producers who play a vital role in our regional economy, helping them create jobs and grow land, crops and livestock. Thanks to Foxtrot Properties, Melissa is renovating a historic building, preserving a piece of architecture and revitalizing downtown Mason City. By combining reasonably priced upper-floor housing with local businesses, Melissa and her team are leading the way to help Mason City thrive.

Company of the Year – Henkel Construction Co. (Mason City, IA)

Henkel-built was founded in 1892 by William Henkel, who laid the foundation for the tradition upon which their company continues to grow by combining the best “old school” philosophies and materials with new technologies that deliver improvement and value. Considered one of the leading construction service providers in northern Iowa, their success lies not only in hiring the right people, but also in creating an environment that is conducive to their personal and professional development. Henkel Construction has worked on a wide range of projects over the years, including schools, industrial, commercial and historic sites, including the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center which was built on the NIACC campus in 2000.

Innovation Award – Jill and Troy Ihrke of Easy2Show (Sheffield, IA)

Easy2Show is a fully integrated software (SaaS platform) for managing competitions and exhibitors, as well as clubs. They “use technology to improve competition”. Their patent-pending software process moves data in a more than linear direction, allowing automated sharing of information between all three segments. By eliminating manual data entry and using mobile devices to record results, data collection from these events can now be used to drive attendance and sales. Their current software is written and used for Rabbit & Cavy shows in the United States and Canada.

Legacy Award – The Sukup Family

The Legacy Award recognizes an entrepreneur who has made a significant contribution to northern Iowa through vision, passion, and leadership. The award was accepted on behalf of the Sukup family by Mary Sukup, Charles Sukup and Steve Sukup. The Sukup Manufacturing Co. has thrived on nearly 60 years of innovation and thinking outside the box, and remains rooted in the community in which it was founded: Sheffield, IA. The company started with an invention to make life a little easier around the farm, but has grown into a world-renowned company that continues to impact the lives around them.

Courtesy of North Iowa Area Community College

For more information on the gala or the NIACC Pappajohn Center, CLICK HERE.

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