Workstream launches to deliver professional-grade service to millions of workers hampered by insecure and unstable home broadband


FAREHAM, England, July 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Workstream, a revolutionary ultra-secure and reliable broadband service, was launched to serve the millions of remote and hybrid workers who currently depend on vulnerable and unstable home connections.

Aaron Brown, CEO of Onestream

Broadband specialist Onestream designed Workstream from the ground up to provide enterprise-grade security and service to the millions of home workers who still depend on home connections despite serious concerns about data protection and performance.

Research shows that 99% of homeworkers believe that a better connection would allow them to work from home more often. *

Workstream’s hardware and software is developed in-house to allow employers to offer staff a completely separate work connection to their homes, with the ability to split bandwidth between home and work use.

Users receive a powerful, professional-grade plug-and-play router configured for specific business needs. The system can be optimized to prioritize business applications like Zoom and Teams, automatically detecting that they are being used to enable high quality, stutter-free video meetings.

An optional 4G failover can provide seamless backup in the event of a broadband outage, while an employer portal allows full visibility of the service as well as the ability to remotely manage IT policies and proactively detect failures. breakdowns.

Aaron Brown, CEO of Onestream, said: “Millions of workers in the UK rely on national broadband connections to get through their working day. These were never intended for professional use and are, in many cases, unsuitable. adopt remote and hybrid work models they need enterprise-grade security to ensure they meet data protection regulations and performance they can rely on.

“Workstream was developed by our internal teams to meet this challenge head-on, providing businesses with powerful hardware and a comprehensive managed service that minimizes security vulnerabilities and reduces downtime. We believe Workstream is a game-changer for businesses, equipping their teams with the connection quality they need to be just as productive wherever they work. “

Workstream offers a range of cost center management options to provide businesses with complete flexibility. The service can also be provided as a benefit for employees who work remotely, jointly covering the cost of their home and work connection.


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