Xebia acquires Polish cloud expert PGS Software



Global IT consultancy organization Xebia has acquired PGS Software, a Polish software company and cloud expert.

With its fifth acquisition this year, Xebia continues to expand in line with its buy and build strategy: partnering with other thought leaders to strengthen its position of authority in the global digital arena.

PGS Software and Xebia will cooperate closely to provide bespoke technology services and IT advice to existing and new customers. PGS Software CEO Wojtek Gurgul will become a member of Xebia’s global leadership team, and the PGS Software company logo will be complemented by a footnote that reads “Proudly part of Xebia”.

Together, Xebia and PGS Software have 3,100 employees and have a physical presence in fourteen countries. With PGS Software, Xebia expands its digital capabilities and adds proximity services to its portfolio. As a result, customers will benefit from accessibility, faster speed to market and innovation. Joining Xebia strengthens PGS Software’s position in the global market and gives its teams access to larger projects and development opportunities.

Europe’s largest IT company

PGS Software is one of the largest IT companies in Europe, with offices in Poland, Germany and the UK. With more than 800 digital experts, it provides exceptional mobile and web applications and software, cloud, data, proximity and offshoring services worldwide. Initially, he focused on software development. With 95% of projects now linked to the cloud, PGS Software has established partnerships with AWS, Microsoft and Google. Since its creation in 2005, PGS Software has completed 2,800 projects for clients such as Trust Payments, Giacom and Omio. The company has achieved a turnover of more than 35 million euros in the last four quarters.

Xebia is a global IT pioneer providing high quality consulting services that cover all aspects of digital transformation. From software development to the cloud, including data, AI, software consulting, DevOps and Agile. Its clients include, among others, Disney, Ahold Delhaize, Tesco, Philips and ING bank. Xebia employs 2,300 people in strategically located offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States and has achieved sales of over 150 million euros during of the last four quarters.

“We are delighted to partner with PGS Software to enhance our reach and ability to serve our customers around the world and to offer an increased range of software features. Together, we will have more than 3,100 employees with a physical presence in fourteen countries. With the many years of experience, know-how and an extensive network, we aim to remain an authority in all digital fields and provide our customers with mixed land options ”, said Anand Sahay, CEO of Xebia.

“Xebia offers us endless opportunities for growth. Not only during today’s computer boom, but long after. Working with Xebia means joining larger, more global, highly innovative and technologically ambitious projects and creating an even more comprehensive IT services portfolio, ”said Wojtek Gurgul, CEO of PGS Software.

Fast-growing digital leader Xebia has been providing high-quality digital transformation advice to businesses for over 20 years, providing services and solutions around cloud, data, artificial intelligence, DevOps and software .

Xebia has successfully launched labels like GoDataDriven, Binx, Xpirit, Qxperts, Stackstate, Instruqt and Xebia Academy, and has partnered with brands like Appcino, coMakeIt, g-company and Oblivion. Xebia continues to grow through a buy and build strategy: by partnering with thought leaders to further expand into the digital space together.


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